NBA: Danny Ainge Comments on Rajon Rondo Getting 3 Suspensions in 9 Months

Rajon Rondo is growing a reputation as a volatile player with a rising temper and maybe very little self control.  Following the small brawl between the Celtics and the Nets, Rondo was issued his third suspension in nine months.  Of course this is to the displeasure of President of basketball operations Danny Ainge.  Check what he had to say after the jump. Shay Marie

NFL: Saints QB Drew Brees Says the NFL is “Out of Control”

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has been very vocal and critical of the suspensions involving his team surrounding bounty allegations.  The players have appealed their suspensions with Jonathan Vilma leading the way.  Many have felt the process is unfair with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell being in essence the judge and the jury.  Brees now says the NFL is “out of control”.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie x Sabrina B.

NFL Rejects Appeals & Keeps Bounty Suspensions

Sabrina B. The NFL has upheld its player discipline in the New Orleans Saints’ bounty case.

NBA: LeBron James Blames The Refs for Haslem & Pittman Suspensions

Sabrina B. The Miami Heat will be short-handed tonight, as they look to eliminate the Indiana Pacers. That wouldn’t be the case, according to LeBron James, had the refs simply ejected Tyler Hansbrough after he committed his flagrant foul on Dwyane Wade.

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