China Blocks Apple News

In case you didn’t know, China has a lot of rules. People jump off buildings a lot because they have little freedom. So, it comes to no one’s real surprise that the government censored media. Apple News is now inaccessible in China. Hit the jump to find out how to hack back into it.

(Photo) ISIS Forces Child To Behead A Syrian Army Officer And It’s Caught On Tape!

This is a whole new low for ISIS. In some very disturbing photos you can see this young boy who looks no older then 10 years old beheading a grown man with a knife. Hop into the post to see for yourself #IFWT!

U.S. Troops Kill Key ISIS Member In Syria

U.S. government officials have confirmed that a key senior ISIS commander named Abu Sayyaf, has been killed by U.S. Special Operations forces during a raid in eastern Syria. Read more on the story after the jump!

(Video) US Allies Begins Bombing Attacks On ISIS In Syria – President Obama Speaks On Actions!

Arab allies of the US, including Saudi Arabia have launched airstrike missiles in Syria. News announced this morning that 14 Islamic State targets were hit, including the group’s fighters, training camps, headquarters and command-and-control facilities, and armed vehicles. President Obama is scheduled to speak on the airstrike this morning. Hit the jump to check out the live stream.

Tune In! President Obama To Address Nation And Explain Plan Of Attack On ISIS

This Wednesday, President Barack Obama will address the nation and detail “what our game plan is going forward,” in the fight against terrorist group ISIS. The President is confident that with aide from regional partners we will be able to eliminate the terror organization. Actions are said to include military, diplomatic, and economic components. See more below!

(Video) Obama Is Sending Troops To Iraq For WHAT?!?!?

President Barack Obama has made headlines for his inability to anticipate the rise of Sunni militants in Iraq, according to NBC News. Due to lack of preparation when dealing with the militants, who captured Iraq’s second-largest city last week, the U.S. is set to send 275 troops into the troubled country for embassy security. More info after the jump.

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