(Video) Intense Footage Of Alleged Show Barrel Bombs Deployed Over Syria, Will Leave You Speechless

A revolutionary group titled Syrian Zero has posted the latest footage of alleged show barrel bombs disposing over civilian neighborhoods in Daraya, Syria between the dates of Jan25- 31st. The group has placed the death toll and senseless bombings on the Syrian security forces; hit the jump to view the catastrophic events and aftermath of the bombings.

(Video) Caught On Tape: Men Pull A Baby Alive From Rubble In War Ravaged Syria!

A youtube video, showing men in Syria diggin in rubble to save a baby, has went viral . Miraculously, they manage to pull the baby alive from the piles of stones and concrete. Syria has been suffering in violence, with a civil war raging for three years. As a result, over 120 thousand people have died and many more have lost their homes. To see the video, click below.

Red Cross Workers Are Kidnapped In Syria!!!

As vehicles representing the International Committee of the Red Cross filled with workers, were traveling they were bombarded by gunmen who opened fire upon their vehicles before fleeing with 6 hostages, hit the jump for the full story!

(Video) Sounds Familiar? USA & Russia Go To Syria To Remove Weapons Of Mass Destruction!!

The U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov came to an agreement after 3 days of negotiating in Geneva about Syria’s stockpile of weapons.The deal entails that international inspectors must be present in Syria by November to commence the elimination of all chemical weapons, which must be done by 2014. If Syria’s government fails to comply, military action will follow. With the senseless war that George Bush Jr. started, why would America start more conflict on the other side of the world? Obama promised to bring our troops home, but it looks like he did so to send them right back to war! To see John Kerry rationalize this mistake, click below.

(Photo) Another 9/11?! Al Qaeda Leader Encourages Terrorist To Do WHAT???

This week was the 12th anniversary of 9/11 and although there are many mixed emotions about this tragic day, sadness is the most common. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for Ayman al-Zawahri,leader of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda. In a speech delivered a day after 9/11, Ayman al-Zawahri ,urged Al Qaeda “brothers” to carry out more attacks on US soil! Should we be worried? Afterall, Obama is submerging us in hot water already with Syria. To read more, click below.

(Photos) Azealia Banks Voices Her Opinion On Syria!!!!

As more and more celebrities voice their opinion on whats happening in Syria, it seems as though their go to place to express themselves is their social network. Azealia Banks took to her twitter account to let everyone know her thoughts on intervening in Syria, Hit the jump to see the tweets!

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