(Photos) NOOOO, I WASN’T READY: “Tan Mom” Lets Her Old Sagging Fun Bags Hang Low At The Beach

Remember the infamous “Tan Mom” straight out of the Garden State? WELP, looks like she was enjoying some fun in the sun and decided to take her top off at the Jersey Shore (as if they haven’t been through enough down there). As disturbing as these pictures are, I’m highly amused that Tan Mom just let ’em hang all the way out without a care in the world. #SALUTE. Check out the pictures (at your own expense) in the gallery.

Oh No!: ‘Tan Mom’ Hospitalized After Suffering From Seizure In Rehab

The infamous “tan mom,” also known as Patricia Krentci from New Jersey, was recently hospitilized after she had a seizure at her Lukens Institute rehab facility. She is currently being treated for alcoholism for 30 days after she was found WASTED trying to board an airplane. Krentci was treated for her seizure at a Palm Beach hospital and is now reportedly at home resting and recovering.

(Video) Oh No.. Tanning Mom Makes A Music Video!? YIKES!!

I thought the “Tanning Mom” sex tape was going to be a horrific sight for my eyes, but then this came out. At least she was supposed to be clothed in her porn cameo. However– as disgusting as this video might be, it is extremely entertaining. Hit the jump if you want some quick and cheap entertainment from Tanning Mom in her musical debut.

SAY WHAT! “Tanning Mom” Is Going To Do Porn?!?!?!

Okay–first the infamous woman out of New Jersey they call “tanning mom” tried to be a rapper, and now she announced that she is going to be in a PORN. Did I miss the memo? Because making pornos seems to be the “it” thing to do now-a-days. Not only will she be in a porn, but it is supposedly a gay porn. Hit the jump to find out what “Tanning Mom’s” role is going to be in her new film-making escapade.

(Video) Tan Mom’s Message To Critcs: ‘I’m Sorry, I’m Tan…I Like To BeTan’

New Jersey’s Tan Mom says she wants critics to back off and let her roast in peace. “I’m sorry, I’m tan,” said Patricia Krentcil, appearing on NBC’s “Today” Monday morning. “I like to be tan. It just feels good. I really think these moms and dads need to step off.” Click below to read the rest of the story. WiL Major

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