(Photos) Remember ‘Tanning Mom’? Well, This Is What She Looks Like Now. Eh… Braless & Burnt

Tan Mom, aka Patricia Krentcil, went tan and braless during a casual errand run in New Jersey on Wednesday. The excessively tan personality appeared to be imitating Pamela Anderson in Baywatch as she watched people passing by. Patricia frequently steps out sans bra and this time her black turtleneck and leggings left no curve unseen. See what the mom looks like below…

Oh No!: ‘Tan Mom’ Hospitalized After Suffering From Seizure In Rehab

The infamous “tan mom,” also known as Patricia Krentci from New Jersey, was recently hospitilized after she had a seizure at her Lukens Institute rehab facility. She is currently being treated for alcoholism for 30 days after she was found WASTED trying to board an airplane. Krentci was treated for her seizure at a Palm Beach hospital and is now reportedly at home resting and recovering.

“Tanning Mom” Gets Carted Off To Rehab For What?!?!

Jazlana The infamous “Tanning Mom” out of New Jersey, also known as Patricia Krentcil, checked into an alcohol rehab facility to kick her addiction to the bottle. After she was found “too drunk to fly” and sent into a 30-hour detox facility, she know enough was enough.

Oh No! Tanning Mom Gets Sent To Detox After Being Found Drunk Where?!?!

Patricia Krentcil, better known as the crazy “Tanning Mom” out of New Jersey, is making headlines yet again. However, it never seems to be for anything productive. The rubbery-brown NJ woman was caught drunk at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport while boarding her Delta Airlines flight. Since she didn’t get arrested, the police officials chose to send her to a detox facility in Minnesota, instead.

(Video) Oh No.. Tanning Mom Makes A Music Video!? YIKES!!

I thought the “Tanning Mom” sex tape was going to be a horrific sight for my eyes, but then this came out. At least she was supposed to be clothed in her porn cameo. However– as disgusting as this video might be, it is extremely entertaining. Hit the jump if you want some quick and cheap entertainment from Tanning Mom in her musical debut.

(Video) Nooo! “Tanning Mom” Is Trying To Be A RAPPER!

I wish I could say I’m joking but sadly…I’m not. Patricia Krentcil, the NJ woman who became infamous for being “tanning mom,” has recorded a RAP song called “It’s Tan Mom” and is soon planning to release it. Her inspiration, you ask? Rihanna’s 2012 track, “Diamonds.” I’m sure it’ll sound JUST like it, boo. “I took all the lyrics and what was written in front of me and I scrambled it up and I put my own words into the song,” she said of the song. Oh boy. Get a preview below!

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