(Photos) LMAO! Tanning Mom Decides To Go TOPLESS On The Beach !!!

Yo, I usually don’t do this, but it needs to be said…wash-up, drawled-up, wrinkled, saggy, baggy, aged, pinched, hanging, stretched, etc. etc. etc., skin What is wrong with this lady? LOL! Tanning Mom a.k.a. Patricia Krentcil, the woman who got off scott-free for allowing! her 5-year-old to use a tanning bed is on the beach flossing (literally) in a lil’ a** bikini. Krentcil has the nerve to have a tattoo on her va jay-jay, and say that she’s only 45! LIES! My question is who the hell was the PHOTOGRAPHER?! Drop down bottom and hit up the gallery! This is a must see, especially is you want a laugh!

“Tanning Mom” Beats Charges For Bringing Daughter Into Tanning Booth

Somehow some way, “tanning mom” Patricia Krentcil is off the hook for allegedly making her 5-year-old daughter go tanning with her in a tanning booth last year. She’d been arrested on charges of of violating New Jersey’s child endangerment laws (which bans children under the age of 14 from using tanning salons), but they couldn’t prove she’d actually taken her into the booth. She was, however, banned from all NJ tanning salons…which I somehow have a feeling was even more devastating to her! LOL!

(Photo) Tanorexic Mom When She Was Younger- She Was Gorgeous!

Remember that scary “Tanorexic” Mom from NJ? Well, a picture has surfaced of her from when she was younger, and she was so pretty! Hit the jump to see. Melissa Nash

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