Are We Walking Around With Too Many Devices?? (Infographic)

  According to a new study us tech nerds are walking around with too many devices at one time. According the study German’s walk around with 3.1 devices at once while in the US walks around 3 devices at once. In the study they found out that one person carried 12 devices at once. Whoa!!!

Tech Talk Spotlight: Check Out Todays 3/14/13 Top @Viddy Videos

Check out the hottest and coolest videos and clips from Viddy.

BioShock Infinite False Shepherd Trailer

Its a new beginning for Booker Dewitt and now he has a long struggle ahead of him.  Preview the new weapons dropping with Bioshock  Infinite.  

High Quality Pics Of Galaxy SIV Released Before Announcement

  The GS IV is set to debut later to in NYC, that doesn’t mean we don’t have the chance to get a glimpse of the smartphone. After the break check out high quality images.

Zombeer Parody (Video)

We all know the dramatics of an action horror games, the slow motion , zombies on the move and dramatic music. Well thats what this parody video does, seems to be a direct shot at Dead Island.

Alleged Xbox 720 Spec Leaks

Now Microsoft has’nt released any details on when they plan on announcing their Xbox 720 but that has’nt stopped rumors from circulating around the net. Now we get a new document of the alleged specs upon the release. The leaked document comes courtesy of VGleaks who says “The so-called Durango will contain 8GB of DRAM (slower than PS4’s 8GB GDDR5 RAM), with 32MB of ESRAM”. Check the new specs after the break.

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