(Video) Teacher Removed From Class After Calling Student A Terrorist

The family of a 12-year-old boy is requesting for his teacher to be fired after she called the boy a ‘terrorist.’ While at at First Colony Middle School, Waleed Abushaaban and his friends were watching the movie ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ when the teacher made the remark.

Detroit Teachers Upset As They Go Shortchanged And Unpaid

In the United States, many people believe they deserve a pay raise and/or additional acknowledgment for the daily duties at their jobs. But, it is unfathomable to read about some Detroit teachers not receiving their paychecks. Read further for more details.

President Obama Praises South Korea For Paying Teachers As Much As Doctors

As U.S. President Obama was speaking at a High School in Oklahoma as he launched a new program aimed at giving low-income households broadband internet, he praised South Korea’s policy of paying its teachers as much as doctors.

Teachers In Puerto Rico Embark On Strike!

Teachers In Puerto Rico have called for a two day strike, causing for the closings of many schools; hit the jump for more!

Check It Out: NYC Charter Schools Getting How Much In Grant Money To Teach Who???

NYC Charter schools will be getting $4.5 Million in state grant money to teach regular public schools. I don’t know if this is such a good idea i mean if the state had a couple mills laying around why not invest in after school tutoring programs for the kids, more books, more teaching software for the teachers, more supplies, more teachers, more help over all. But the state hopes that charter schools will share instructional techniques with the public school staff. Check out more on this story.

SMH! Black Teachers Fired By NYC Principle School Because Of WHAT?!

Now this just ain’t right ya’ll…..According to a petition put together by Kevin Powell and the folks of BK Nation, two teachers from a high school in Queens have filed a discrimination claim against a principal who they said fired them for racially motivated reasons after she referred to them both as having “big lips” and “nappy hair” to other faculty members. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, it is crazy that people, especially those in positions of power, still think it’s okay to talk like this in 2013. See more after the jump………

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