Television Show, “The Imperfect Life Of Kanye West” Coming?

Listen, the grapevine is talking. It’s being said that Vice is working on the launch for its own television station as soon as 2015’s end. But also, Kanye West was getting in on the fun. Capital New York claimed that the rapper was linking up with the upcoming channel for “The Imperfect Life of Kanye West,” a docu-series that would use documentary footage and animation to show what’s twirling around in the head of the Chicago native.

LMAO! So Soon?! Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Television Show CANCELLED!

This dude is STILL on crack, I believe! If you’ve been following, you think the same thing, but if not – FILL IN: Rob Ford is or shall I say up until this week was the mayor in Toronto, Canada. Ford was accused of smoking crack, asking a female employee to eat her, ‘goodies’ – which, he so distastefully stated otherwise – and he was caught on film expressing a few things a mayor should not get caught saying. All of this, the reason most folks were lost in a trance when the news of his own television show, Ford Nation would be coming to a television set near you. Luckily, for some Toronto residents, prayers really do come true. After ONE episode, the show has been CANCELLED! Hit the jump to find out WHY!

NBA: Dwyane Wade The Actor? Miami Heat Star Sells Sitcom To Fox!

Looks like D-Wade already is setting himself up for life after basketball. A report today states that Wade was successful in selling a television show to the Fox network. The show will be mostly comedic and is based on his book “A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball”. The details actually make it sound like it might be a pretty good show. Hit the jump for more.

WTF! Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford To Get His Own TELEVISION SHOW!

PINEAPPLES! In case you haven’t heard, Rob Ford is the mayor in Toronto who’s recent actions have placed him in a tasteless light. The mayor was accused of requesting that he give oral pleasuring to a female staff AND doing that CRACK! Taking the Shaggy song to another plateau, Ford denied, denied and denied some more – until last week. The man caught on tape begging to kill someone, said that he’d tried crack about a year ago in a, “drunken stupor.” Somehow, after taking a look at multiple photos of the dude, he’s lying! As far as the staff allegations, Ford’s since cleared that up in the most outrageous way [down bottom], but the kicker of it all is that his antics has him a television show! CRAY! Hit the jump for the details.

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