(Photo) New Tech: Tesla Home Battery???

The electric car company sent a letter to investors and analysts that announced the “Tesla Home Battery” and a “very large utility scale battery.” These batteries will hold enough energy to power your home. Although there are similar products out already, Tesla will prove why their product will be the uprising one. Check out the specs on the home battery below after the jump.

Tesla Hires Former Apple VP For What?!

This is a dope move from a car maker, hiring Doug Field, former VP of Mac hardware engineering to be VP of vehicle programs(car hardware). Now that they’ve made this move, what Now?!

Auto(Photos) Is This The New “IT” Car For Hollywood Stars?

Cameron Diaz can now be added to the growing list of Hollywood A-lister’s who have purchased the Tesla Model S. Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner and others have already got into the Tesla driver’s seat. There could be 2 reasons this car is popular amongst these stars. One, it is a full electric car, which means these Hollywood folks can still appear as if they care about the environment without having to be caught driving a Chevy Volt or Toyota Prius. Two, the luxury you get with a Tesla vehicle , again while still saving the earth with an electric car. It is the best of both worlds if you can afford it. I will bet there will be plenty more of these cars sold to celebrities as time goes on. Check out the gallery to see Ben Affleck with his car, as well as other pics of the car itself. IamJOE357

Auto Talk: Tesla To Build Electric Mercedes

Tesla and Daimler are set to collaborate on a new electric Mercedes-Benz. According to Gigaom.com, the fourth-quarter earnings report released by Tesla earlier this week revealed the company is set to supply a full powertrain for an unnamed electric Mercedes-Benz in the near future. Funk Flex Find Flex On Google+

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