Vietnamese Woman Allegedly Crushes Abusive Husband’s Testicles In Her Hands

Yeah you can settle for divorce…you have the cars, I’ll have the house…or I’ll just crush your nuts with my bare hands.

Dam…Man Finds Bullet In His Testicles After Wife Shoots Him For Cheating!!

Play no games. This wife shot her cheating husband after catching her partner of 16 years in the lie. Gun to the face or not, all is fair in love and war. Hit the jump!

(Photos) Cop Bites Man’s Testicles

Michael Flaig, a 30 yrs old Anne Arundel County Police Officer, was charged with assault after a fight on Cinco de Mayo May 5, 2015, behind Looney’s Bar in Baltimore’s South Linwood neighborhood.

(Audio) Jamie Foxx Talks Issues With ‘Dating’ Younger Women, Promotes ‘Fish Net Condoms’ & Impersonates Flex!!!!

Jamie Foxx stopped by the Funk Flex Show on Hot97 to promote the new album, but his energy was on level 100, Funny AF!!! He starts off by talking health with Flex, #40DayReset, and having to dye his hair, including his gray nut hairs….Nuts….

(Video) Man Loses Testicles After Police Knees Him In Groin

My stomach hurt just ping this. A Law student in New MExico lost his testicle after a police officer kneed him in the groin. Jeremy Martin was pulled over Friday after police said he ran a stop sign. When Martin refused to sit on the curb during several field sobriety test, the officer kneed him causing his testicle to shatter. Why would one man do that to another man? That’s breaking guy code! Read more after the jump.

(Video) Caught On Tape: Fellas NEVER Let Your Boo Do This!!!

This has to be the MOST idiotic thing I’ve ever seen in my life!!

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