(Photos) Soulja Boy Releases Texts From Lil Wayne, Diamond, Trina, And More!?

Yesterday Soulja Boy posted a photo onto his instagram of a certain text, not realizing he sent his inbox! We got a little look into whose been texting him, which includes ex-girlfriend Diamond, Trina and more! Click below and check out the gallery to see the pics.

FASHION: Kreemo “Text” Beanie & “Bulls” Crew Neck

Before the release of their spring 2013 collection, Kreemo is giving fans a couple gifts. Today they dropped their “text” beanie and have re-released of their popular “Bulls” crew neck sweater. They’ve also restocked several other big items including the all black Kreemo “Text” pullover and the K Lips” pullover. Photos in the gallery and the link to shop below!

WhatsApp Messenger Free For A Limited Time !!!!

iMessage, BBM, etc. all sent people in their respective ways. What if you wanted to talk to everyone though? Not just people who have the same phone as you? WhatsApp Messenger is your guy! All the great features the other guys have, mixed together in one application without the garbage. They’ve dropped the price temporarily so hit the jump for the download link! Tat Wza

Facebook Looking To Acquire WhatsApp

Facebook is constantly making changes to better your experience. From their over-all social networking experience to their Facebook-chat messaging, they touch millions of people a day. Although a form of communication, not necessarily an alternative to other messaging apps; Failed messages, and a low feature-set aren’t too appealing. WhatsApp is here to change all that !! Hit the jump to see how much of an impact WhatsApp truly has… Tat Wza

Wishes SMS Texting A Happy Birthday….It Turns 20 Today !!!

Texting has completely warped the way we communicate. No longer do we answer the phone every time it rings, or pick up the phone to call people when we need them. Texting gives us the connection without the obligation. This has definitely changed the way we speak and type; for better and for worse. Our grammar may not be the best, but we can multi-task like nobodys business! Hit the jump for some cool facts and video. Tat Wza

20 Years Since The First Text Message Was Sent Out!

Today marks the 20th year since the first SMS was invented!  Can you believe it has been that long since the first text has been sent out?  So many other forms of communication have taken over our lives that we disregard the SMS, but it has been transforming out way of communication since ’92 ! Just think about how many lusty texts and “I love yous” have been sent out since it’s birth, yes I thank the tech gods for it too. Steph B x  Tat WZA

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