(Video) Desiigner Gets Escorted Off Stage After Throwing Up

This is not the first time Desiigner has puked on stage. Many people think its due to his high level of energy that causes his body not to agree. In a recent video, we can see Desiigner not quite off to a good start as he throws up while on stage. He is then walked off the stage and into his trailer.

(Video) White Castle Offers Man $20K After Puking Up 45 Burgers

After Liam Hemsworth shared his story on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this month, White Castle felt that the burger devourer deserved a whooping $20,000 to go to his charity of choice. If you missed it, Hemsworth explained how while filming “Hunger Games” with Josh Hutcherson, the two ordered a total of 90 burgers from WC. Hemsworth downed 45 before puking them back up. Apparently the White Castle food chain was very impressed that any human being can keep THAT many burgers down at one time (regardless if it came back up.) Check out the video after the jump to hear the stomach-turning story.

Oh No! Keri Hilson Passes Out Mid-Flight!

This is becoming a scary trend with some of our favorite celebrities, and I hope the message is bright and clear to not only them but their fellow peers: SLOW DOWN AND GET SOME REST! While many of us envy their lifestyles and often say how much we wish we lived in their glamorous shoes rather than our less-glamorous, overworked shoes, we tend to overlook the fact that these guys are busting their butts as well. In fact, their work days are significantly longer than our typical 9 to 5’s, and I’d say that’s about a good 90% of the time! And clearly it’s catching up to them, as Keri Hilson becomes public figure number three with a major health scare mid-flight, following in Rick Ross and Lil Wayne’s steps before her. The incident occurred over the weekend while Keri was on a flight back home from China. She’d lost consciousness for an extended period of time and when she woke up, she was so sick that she couldn’t keep her food down. She’s now recovering back at home, but not before alerting Twitter of her condition! Rest up, Keri! Your health is the most important thing you have! Check out her tweets in the gallery. Marisa Mendez

(Video) Yikes! Lady Gaga Pukes THREE Times On Stage & Keeps It Moving Like A Boss

Move over, Justin Bieber! Lady Gaga has officially one-upped you! After JB tossed his cookies on stage last week, Gagaloo comes through and does it not once, but THREE times in just a few minutes’ time span! The pop star was performing “Edge of Glory” in Spain and had to pause a few times to take care of business, but immediately got back into the choreographed routine right after, not missing a step! Now that’s a true star! She was a very good sport about it too, actually tweeting a link to the video herself with the caption, “Was praying nobody saw but actually its quite a good laugh if u need one! Check out Lady PukeGA doing Swan “Vomit” Lake.” LOL! Bring on the pregnancy rumors! Check out the video below. Marisa Mendez

(Photo) NBA: Yuck!! Delonte West Shares Too Much On Twitter

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl The Mavericks suffered a gut-wrenching loss at the hands of Kevin Durant and the Thunder Saturday night. It was so bad, apparently, that West was unable to keep down dinner and took to twitter to share with his fans how he was feeling (yuck!)….

(Photo Finish) The Worst Time To Take A Picture At A Party???

LOL, I can’t believe this is real, but should it be it’s kinda crazy, Somebody might of had a little too much to drink, an let it out at Exactly the wrong time, Hit the Jump to see what I’m saying here. +TatWZA

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