(Video) Yo Gotti – “The Art Of Hustle” [Album Release Month]

Yo Gotti has been announcing good news all over the place. This go ’round, the Memphis, TN rapper gives us an idea as to when we can expect his new album, The Art of Hustle. If you’re a Gotti fan such as myself, than the anticipation is killing you. Don’t worry, it’s not too far off. Hit the jump to find out when the album is set to release.

Twitter Beef: K. Michelle & Perez Hilton Go Back-&-Forth Over Iggy Azalea!

LMAO! Perez Hilton is a feisty lil something, but when you put him up against the firecracker called K. Michelle, the battle is on. The blogger and reality star singer began a twitter war over the sounds of Iggy Azalea. Yes, Iggy was minding her business while one person slammed her and another defended her – clutch. Check out the exchange of fighting words down below.

Jail Time! Police Officer Arrested After Being Caught Watching Child Porn In Patrol Car!

Some people need to be buried under the jail! Herbert Eugene Miller, is for sure one of them! The police officer in Greenville, TN. has been arrested and charged with 2 felony counts of receiving and possessing child pornography. The crazy part about it all, is that he was doing searches on the computer in his patrol car…DF! There were at least 80 images found on the computer, and the search found descriptions such as, ‘fifth grade girls,’ ‘naked middle school girls,’ ‘young puffy ni**les,’ and ‘hot high school girls naked.’ Miller has been FIRED! Thank God! Where the hell they do that at?! He must have known that he’d get caught…like, my dude used his patrol car’s COMPUTER! Freaks… Hit the jump and check out what a PREV looks like.

CRAZY!? Did Gucci Mane Really Beat The Bricks Off Of A Memphis DJ ???

For now, these are only allegations. ALLEGEDLY, Gucci Mane was at the Yellow Rose in Memphis, TN last night when he heard one of his UNRELEASED tracks bumping through the speakers. Gucci and the team was not feeling that so they ALLEGEDLY beat the DJ until he had to be rush to the hospital and destroyed all of his equipment. I would hope that after talking to a middle school of children that Gucci would have at least a little bit more sense then that. Once Gucci comes clean or doesn’t, we’ll still fill you in. Drop down bottom for more.

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