(Photo) NFL: Todd Gurley Had Time Last Night To Clap Back At Troll Threatening Him Over Fantasy Football

photo credit NFL players like Todd Gurley most likely have people in their mentions on twitter and comments on Instagram each week complaining about what they didn’t do for their fantasy team. For the most part you just have to ignore the fools who forget fantasy football is just that, a fantasy. However last night after the Rams lost to the Seahawks, Gurley had time to respond to a moron who threatened to attack him if he ever saw him over his lack of fantasy production.

(Video) NFL: Todd Gurley Poppin Mess About LSU!

When asked about Elijah Holyfield entering his alma mater, UGA, Gurley had an opinion, but he immediately went in on LSU.

(Photo) NFL: Jay Z Officially Signs All-American Todd Gurley To Roc Nation Sports

As NFL offseason quickly approaches and college football already having come to an end, almost every team is busy looking into future prospects and draft picks. Well, rapper Jay Z has reined in on yet another prized possession for the Roc Nation Sports team, former Georgia running back & All-American, Todd Gurley, “the top running back available in the draft according to most experts”!

NCAA: WOW, This Former Big Time College Quarterback Says He Was Paid $160,000 For Autographs In One Season

With all the recent talk of college players either being suspended or under investigation for selling autographs this story comes at a great time. Usually I get very annoyed with former college players waiting until their campus life is long behind them to then wanna blow the whistle on something because it usually never affects them, but will affect future players at the school and the program itself. This is different however because it’s more about a situation and double standard, rather than a school itself. Former South Carolina standout Stephen Garcia said he literally pocketed about $160,000 for selling his autographs in college, meanwhile we are suspending kids currently for trying to make a few dollars?

NCAA: UGA’s Heisman Candidate Gurley Falsely Accused Of Assault (Details Below!!!)

Georgia RB Todd Gurley was falsely accused of assault early Sunday morning. The fight had gone down at a local bar near campus. A 20-year old Georgia student claimed Gurley punched him after taking a “selfie” with Todd in the background. Gurley quickly cleared his name with the cops after the incident. Jump on the link for more details…

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