Wale Tour Rider Revealed With Armed Guards, Real Furniture, And Organic Sugars

Wale Youtube Wale’s rolling heavy with armed guards these days on tour, according to his tour rider that just leaked.

See What’s On August Alsina’s Tour Rider!

Each artist has a very different and unique tour rider, some with more ridiculous requests than others. The tour rider for R&B crooner August Alsina has been obtained via TMZ, and it’s pretty interesting.

Check Out Jay-Z And Kanye West’s Tour Riders

When you are two of the most talented rappers in the game, it’s safe to say that anything you want you can pretty much have. For Jay-Z and Kanye West the world is in the palm of their hands or at least in the writing of their tour riders. Check out Hov and Ye’s lists of demands below.

Rae Sremmurd Has Some CRAZY Demands For Their Tour Rider

Hip-Hop duo Rae Sremmurd might be new to the rap scene, but they sure know how to get the backstage of their shows LIT without much experience. The details for their tour rider came out, revealing that both Sway Lee and Slim Jimmy make it a point to have Henny strippers on deck every time before they hit the stage. According to TMZ, their tour demands include: – 2 dozen chicken wings – 2 Spicy Crunch Dorito Tacos from Taco Bell. – 2 bottles of Ace of Spades Champagne – 2 bottles of Moet Chandon Champagne – 1 bottle of Hennessy – Small Super Soakers – Beach Balls – $300 in single dollar bills If you’re wondering what the $1 bills are for, it’s because they also require a bus that seats 15 fully equipped with stripper poles. Sounds like the real fun occurs at the pre-show, forget the concert!

Hood Sh*t: DMX’s Backstage Rider For Los Angeles Concert Revealed

Despite dealing with some very harsh legal allegations recently, DMX put on quite the show in Los Angeles at the Belasco Theater on Wednesday night. However, every artist usually has a list of demands that they NEED in order to perform to their full potential. DMX’s full backstage rider has been revealed, and we can’t help but laugh at his demands! The Yonkers-native had special requests for both backstage and his hotel room comprising of: 1) Three bottles of Hennessy 2) Two boxes of condoms for the hotel room (smart, play it safe) 3) A carton of Newport cigar 4) A wide assortment of fried chicken 5) An assortment of candy including Now & Laters, Oreos, Sunkist, Starburst and Skittles. Usually we hear wild things like an all-gold toilet seat with diamonds in it but leave it up to good ol’ X to keep it hood and take it back to the basics.

Ever Wonder What Lil Wayne Puts On His Tour Rider?

Artist tour riders are always fascinating, because it shows what they REALLY like to eat/drink/indulge in, not what they just rap about. Lil Wayne’s 2010 tour rider is pretty low key (no outrageous Mariah-like demands,) but still fit for a boss, for sure. Check out the details below!

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