(Video) NBA: Chauncey Billups Said Some of His Teammates ‘Played Better’ While High on Marijuana

Legalization of marijuana has been a major debate in the country as more states are legalizing medical marijuana, and some going even further as to legalize recreational use.  Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr admitted to using marijuana to deal with chronic back pain, and it has opened the conversation to the positive effect it could have on players.  While on ESPN’s NBA Countdown this past Friday, Chauncey Billups said he wanted some of his former teammates to play while high on marijuana because it actually “helped them focus in on the gameplan.”

NBA: Tracy McGrady Disappointed in Kevin Durant Going to Warriors & Thinks Superteams are Awful

During an interview with Complex, Tracy McGrady revealed that he was actually happy Michael Jordan killed the trade that would’ve brought him to the Chicago Bulls in exchange for Scottie Pippen.  Though McGrady could’ve possibly won an NBA championship had it gone through, he says that he needed to go through certain things in his career.  He also revealed his distaste for super teams and that he’s disappointed in Kevin Durant for joining the Golden State Warriors.

NBA: Tracy McGrady Says He’s Happy Michael Jordan Nixed Trade That Would Send Him to Bulls

Back in June, Tracy McGrady dropped a bombshell when he revealed that the Chicago Bulls were trying to trade Scottie Pippen and get McGrady during his draft year in the NBA.  Michael Jordan however stepped in and nixed the deal.  During an interview with Complex, McGrady revealed that he’s actually happy the trade didn’t go down.

(Video) NBA: Tracy McGrady Was About To Be Traded For Scottie Pippen Until Michael Jordan Killed It

In 1997, Tracy McGrady was selected at the ninth overall pick in the NBA draft and was on his way to play with the Raptors in Toronto. It turns out however that he was very close to going to Chicago instead to play with Michael Jordan as the Bulls were secretly having discussions to trade Scottie Pippen for McGrady. When Jordan found out about the plan in place, he quickly killed the deal and robbed McGrady of his chance to play with the goat!

(Video) NBA: Tracy McGrady Says Stephen Curry’s Unanimous MVP Win Shows NBA is ‘Watered Down’

Stephen Curry is the back-to-back MVP winner and is the first player in the NBA to win by a unanimous vote.  Previously, Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James each fell one vote short of that record.  Now, former player and seven-time All-Star Tracy McGrady says Curry’s unanimous win shows how weak the NBA is now.

(Video) NBA: Tracy McGrady Says Kobe Is The Best He Ever Played Against, Including Michael Jordan!

The Michael Jordan stans are gonna be all over Tracy McGrady today after he said Kobe Bryant is actually the best player he ever went against, and that includes the goat MJ!

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