NBA: Draymond Green on Kevin Durant’s Trash Talk: “KD makes you feel bad about yourself”

Draymond Green has made a name for himself as a big trash talker who doesn’t take anything from anybody but even he admitted that someone has him beat, and it’s someone we wouldn’t expect it from, Kevin Durant.

(Video) Sports: Chris Paul Trash Talks Tiger Woods During Wyndham Pro-Am

Tiger Woods’ golf game has taken quite a hit ever since the fiasco with his wife and mistresses; he’s just never been quite the same.  It’s gotten so bad even NBA stars are trashing him, playfully, we think.

(Video) NBA: Joakim Noah Calls Lebron A “B*tch” After Bron Dunks On Him, Bron Says He Was Disrespectful

In the third quarter of last night’s game between the Cavs and Bulls, Lebron James got angry and Jimmy Butler along with Joakim Noah paid the price. Bron threw down a vicious dunk on them and then immediately had words for Noah. In turn, Noah fired back at him with Bron once more stopping and saying something to him. It’s a known fact they don’t like each other but it was exciting to see Lebron exhibit some passion and remind Noah who he is. After the game was over, Lebron spoke on the play and said something Noah did right before that play got him angry.

(Photos) NBA: (Updated) Report, Matt Barnes Was Very Disrespectful Last Night To James Harden’s Mom

WOW, if this report is true (and it really seems to be) that Clippers Matt Barnes cursed at James Harden’s mom last night, the league HAS to step in and do something, otherwise game three could turn into a brawl.

NBA: Raptors Amir Johnson Compares Paul Pierce’s Trash Talk To Viagra

Paul Pierce has been talking ALOT lately about NBA players and teams. In a recent interview with ESPN, Pierce went in on former Nets teammates Deron Williams & Joe Johnson. He also questioned how bad his fellow Wizards teammates want to be great and he took some shots at the Toronto Raptors, who just so happen to be the Wizards first round playoff opponent. Word got back to the Raptors about what Pierce was saying and Amir Johnson had an unlikely comparison with Pierce & Viagra.

(Video) NBA: Kendall Gill Says MJ Made Him, Larry Johnson & Alonzo Mourning Regret Talking Trash

You know Michael Jordan is hands down the greatest player of time all because players actually enjoy telling stories about a time MJ trashed them. Only the greatest of great players could command that type of respect that would make someone happy to talk about a time they were embarrassed. Former Hornets player Kendall Gill played alongside Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning and he tells a great story of a time MJ made all three of them regret talking trash with just one play!

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