(Video/Photos) Tech: Ubisoft Is Punishing Their Players On The Division?

Not too long ago Ubisoft released their expected free update for, Tom Clancy’s The Division, which included the anticipated Incursion, Falcon Lost. However, it didn’t take long until players found an exploit in the incursion where they were able to complete the challenging mission with ease, which has been causing quite an uproar among the The Division gaming community.

If You’re Waiting To Play Watch_Dogs, You Might Have To Wait A Little Longer

Ubisoft recently released a statement saying that the company will be pushing back the release date for Watch_Dogs. On UbiBlog, Gary Steinman, Communications Manager, said the company struggled with whether they would delay the game or not.

J.Cole Plays Splinter Cell: Blacklist With Who???

J. Cole sits down with Conan O’Brien to review the new game, Splinter Cell: Blacklist. The Ubisoft game will hit shelves August 20th. Check out the video after the jump!!!

New Trailer For Splinter Cell Blacklist Shows Off 3 Different Play Styles!

In the new trailer, Ubisoft shows off the three new play styles for the game Splinter Cell Blacklist. Gamers are able to adjust their play style at anytime to fit the situation.

WTF?? Ubisoft Gets HACKED!?!?!

Ubisoft website was hacked this week causing the company to ask over 58 million account holders to change their passwords. Although credit card information was not on the site, a lot of valuable personal information pertaining to users accounts was illegally accessed.

Ubisoft Announces Which Games Are Coming Soon!?!?!

Ubisoft has an array of different games coming out this year, on numerous gaming consoles. Jerry Cantrell, songwriter and guitarist for the group Alice in Chains was on hand to introduce the game, Rocksmith 2014.

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