(PHOTOS) Sports: Victim Shows Brutal Injuries in Alleged Nightclub Beating By 2 NFL Draft Prospects

Yesterday we learned that two college football stars (both expected to be selected in the upcoming NFL Draft) are wanted for questioning by the NYPD in connection to an alleged attack at an NYC nightclub.  Well now the victim is showing his injuries and it’s pretty bad.  Hit the jump for details & pics…

(Photos) Warning *Graphic* ‘Scandal’ Star’s Victim Beat So Bad — ‘He Looked Dead’

“Scandal” star Columbus Short’s victom looks crazy after that bloody bar fight — leaving the man in a heap on the floor and KEPT going at it. Short leaped over the father of the bride-to-be at an engagement party — and punched the victim in the face, so hard that he fell to the ground. He kept beating the victim up till he looked dead then he left the bar. He left on a stretcher with a neck brace then was transported to a nearby hospital. Short allegedly “attacked the man on March 15 for making a rude comment about the actor’s wife, breaking the man’s nose. Police are now conducting a criminal investigation into the incident.” Wild!

(Warning*Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: Mom Jumps In Fight To Beat Up Girl

Beyond disturbing to say the least! As it 1st appears 2 girls fighting over a dude, and a ‘Mom’ seemingly supervising her daughters fight skills, which is bad parenting from the jump, but then the ‘Mom’ stops the fight because of shirt pulling’, only to start fighting the girl herself!

Wait, Chris Brown “Victim” Motioned That He Had A Gun?!

Hmm, things are starting to become more and more clear in this case! So far, what we know FOR SURE is that Chris Brown and his bodyguard got into an altercation with two men outside of the W Hotel early Sunday morning. The incident occurred when Chris was taking a photo with a female fan/fans, and a man and his friend tried to be funny and jump in the photo. From here, there are conflicting reports. According to the victim, it was all fun and games but Chris got overly angry for no reason and said, “I’m not into that fagg*t sh*t, I’m into boxing!” and threw a punch. Seems a little outlandish to me. The police report originally stated that Brown’s bodyguard hit first, and then it was cleared up to say he hit first, but that’s still unconfirmed as of now. However, a new update in the case from an eyewitness could add more padding to Chris’ case. Did the victim signal that he had a gun? Check out what the witness said below!

(Video) Fox News Guest Says What About Rape Victim???

Guest Attorney Joseph DiBenedetto took to the Fox newsroom to give his 2 cents on a Missouri Rape case of a young girl claiming to have been assaulted by a popular football player classmate. I’m sure everyone would have preferred he’d keep his opinions to himself as he began by placing blame on the victim stating: “Im not saying she deserved to be raped, but…” hit the jump to watch the rest!

SMH: Three Young College Men Arrested And Charged With…

Three freshmen at Mount Saint Mary College out in Newburgh NY are out on $25K bail after being charged with first degree rape. The woman who is the victim in this case is also a freshman at the college and the attack took place early Sunday morning this week. Check out how this all happened…

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