(Photo) NFL: Victor Cruz’s Fiancee Allegedly Sent a Group Text to Him & All His Sidechicks

Most athletes are married, many athletes also have a bevy of sidechicks.  It’s no secret, they’re just supposed to know their place and not embarrass the wife.  Apparently some of Victor Cruz’s ladies were getting out of line, possibly because of what he was telling them so his fiancee Elaina Watley decided to send out a group text to all of them to set the record straight.

NFL: Will Victor Cruz Make His Return In Buffalo?

Victor Cruz made his debut as a New York Giant in 2011, salsa dancing in end zones across the nation. But following his most recent calf injury, will Cruz be making his return in Buffalo?

(NFL): Victor Cruz Is Not Cleared To Dance Down Field Just Yet

Victor Cruz, wide receiver for the New York Giants, became an instant sensation during the 2011 NFL season. Between his athletic talents, gorgeous smile, and ritual salsa-touchdown-dance, Cruz won the hearts of men and women everywhere. In October 2014, Cruz tore his patellar tendon and has since been working his way to a comeback. With Odell Beckham Jr., Rashad Jennings, and Rueben Randle being forceful threats to opposing defenses, the Giants were hoping to have Cruz back as the icing on the cake. Unfortunately for the New York squad, Cruz is still being ruled out for this Sunday’s home opener.

(Video/Photos) NFL: Family Throws Massive Mansion Party For Victor Cruz Called ‘The Return’

He’s calling it “The Return”, Victor Cruz’s comeback after missing most of last season to a knee injury and this weekend, his family threw the NY Giants receiver a massive mansion pool party to send him off!

NFL: Nike Gives Victor Cruz Signature Shoe Deal

Nike has been trying to secure a signature shoe deal with a major football star for some time now. After things didn’t pan out well with Darelle Revis or Calvin Johnson, Nike has signed Victor Cruz to the signature shoe deal.

NFL: Victor Cruz Says Odell Beckham Jr Needs To Watch Himself

Victor Cruz has some words of advice for his young star teammate, Odell Beckham Jr. Watch your words wisely. Cruz’s comments come after earlier this week Odell went on sort of a rant on twitter about the way people treat him and others. Sounds like his new found fame is making him look differently at things, but it comes with the territory and Cruz is the perfect example of how to handle it.

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