EA Sports Just Lost WHAT Deal??

The NCAA has publicly revealed that it won’t be renewing its contract with video game powerhouse Electronic Arts, developer of a number of massively popular video game titles and series including Madden, Need For Speed, Burnout, FIFA and more. EA and the NCAA are currently involved in litigation regarding their inappropriate inclusion of identifiable player likenesses without permission of the players depicted. Read more for what this means for video game and college sports fans alike.

Halo 4: Castle Map Pack Trailer

Take a look at the newest maps dropping with Halo 4 on April 8th: Daybreak, Outcast and Perdition.

Watch Dogs For The PS4

Ubisoft officially announces Watch Dogs for the PlayStation 4 and shows off its incredible gameplay.

Crysis 3 Momentum Trailer

A new video melody with lots of destruction in this trailer Crysis 3 with music  from the group MUSE.

Warner Bros. Registers Over A Dozen Arkham Domain Names.

Warner Bros. might be looking to launch another Arkham Batman game as Warner Bros. recently registered over a dozen domain names, which could only mean they have a new game in the works. After the break check out the names they registered. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA  

Nvidia To Drop Portable Gaming Device

Gizmodo is reporting that Nvidia, who typically manufactures parts for other products, has created their own next gen GameBoy, with a ton of extra perks. With the controller design of an Xbox 360, Nvidia’s “Project Shield” has a 5-inch 720p display with some touch capability. Not only a gaming device but also a set top box and computer as well. Capable of playing 4k movies to a full 4k TV via an HDMI capabile, while tweeting or browsing the web in the background. Nvidia graphics cards are top of the line which means you could expect some good results from their latest project. Tat Wza

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