Pornhub Makes A Bid To Buy Vine

Last week, Twitter announced that they will be shuttering Vine for good by year’s end. The social media app’s popularity has dwindled over the years, and it simply just isn’t profitable any longer. However, one website sees value in the service.

(Video) Finally! The Full Length “Why You Always Lying” Video And It’s Awesome

The viral sensation Nicholas Fraser a.k.a @DownGoes.Fraser created a remix to Next’s single “Too Close” just about two weeks and the people of social media just can’t get enough of it. The short “Why You Always Lying” clip has transformed over and over again into memes and has been translated into several different languages. Monday (Sept 14th) the originator of the video has given the people what they demanded and released a four minute full length video. Check it out below.

(Video) Scared Straight Inmate Foxy Turned Star

How can we forget Foxy! The Scared Straight inmate turned Star made her debut on an episode of the hit reality show , that enlightens troubled teens to what really happens when you end up in prison. Usually the inmates are aggressive and try to scare the crap out of these kids to get a message across. This scared straight inmate took on a more preaching approach that had the world in love with the sassy attitude of foxy. See video of the Scared Straight inmate Foxy who is now out of prison and looking as happy as ever.

(Video) Uh Oh…Plies Got Vine!

Word on the tweets is, it’s for more than just the Gram now! A grand opening of sorts for one of Hip Hop’s biggest internet personas taking his game to another level. Busy stocking his new account with hilarious if not mind blowing clips, you might want to be careful if you’re at work (LOL)… Get your pearl clutch ready and emojis on deck because Plies Got Vine and he’s playing no games!!!

(Video) LMAO! #GhettoHarryPotter Vine Has The Entire Internet Laughing!

Being that we live in a world where it is so easy to create hilarious content for the internet, I feel like everyday there is a new vine or trending meme that leaves us all in hysterics. The latest funny vid that has our Timelines cracking up is a new #GhettoHarryPotter Vine from the user Cruise Da F*ckboi. The video has a remixed version of the HP theme song playing in the back with Jamaican airhorns sounding off with a compilation of photos of Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe. The most hilarious part of the video is the caption that reads, “Wen u find da chamber of secrets an its full of dank ass kush.” It makes it more comical that all of the pics shows Harry Potter looking happy as ever like he just smoked something strong. As always, the RTs started rolling in as soon as the video hit the ‘Net and we’ve all been cracking up ever since. As expected, #GhettoHarryPotter became a trending topic on Twitter in no time with hilarious commentary to follow. Check out the HILARIOUS video below. (Sidebar: This will probably kill any type of innocence you ever associated Harry Potter with after watching this video. #JustSaying).

(Video) NBA: Jeremy Lin Is At A Loss For Words About The Lakers Season Thus Far

Even though the season is still fairly early with only about 10-11 games played, but the Lakers have only won one game. Ouch! Even though many suspected that the Lakers were a long way from their prominent days, no one thought they’d be this bad. In a short clip, Lin seems to have the perfect but sad response. Hit the jump for details.

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