New Malware Discoverd in Google Play

A new host of malware was found in the Google Play Store. The malware has been downloaded between 2 and 9 million times by Android Users. The malware in which they are calling “BadNews,” was inside 32 different apps from 4 separate developer accounts.

(Video) Is This For Real?!? 6000 Dead Pigs???

China is known for leading the world in pollution, and this story is no exception. Dead pigs were seen floating down the Huangpu River in a city south of Shanghai, and it turns out they were infected with porcine norovirus and were thrown in the river by Chinese farmers. The Chinese government is trying to downplay the situation and says the water from the river, which is the water supply for the people, is perfectly healthy. Uhh yeah, drinking water is definitely clean when 6000 infected rotting pigs are chilling in the river. Would you drink it? Check out the crazy video after the jump.

(Video) A Bee Can Make You HIV-Free?????

Washington University in St. Louis conducted a study that has produced a new, interesting discovery. Find out what all the buzz is about after the jump.

Stay Disease Free During The Holidays!

Winter is here so colds and viruses are soaring, but you don’t want to be sick or look sick for the holidays! I know I don’t want to look sick in my holiday pics for Instagram lol!Hit the jump for some tips on how to stay virus free. Steph B

Multi-Platform Smartphone Security Checklist

The FCC is all about security and protection of personal information. Required on almost all devices, manufacturers put settings into the phone that will allow you to customize certain securities of the device. Often times, users wouldn’t think twice about ‘Virus’ protection on a smart phone or tablet. Its almost not even considered a real threat, because of the exclusivity of the issue. Very rare, and unique how a mobile virus would find its way into your smartphone but it is possible. Security Checklist approved by FCC after the jump. Tat Wza

New SARS-Like Virus Detected!

British authorities have notified the U.N. of a new respiratory virus that resembles the deadly SARS virus. The virus was detected in a man who recently traveled to Saudi Arabia. Click below to read more. Jason J.

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