(Photos) Siri Gets Uptight When You Ask About ‘Her’ !!

Ok you may not know about a new movie named “Her”, where a man falls in love with a Siri-like voice of a device. When you ask Siri if she is her, she seems to have a tone of contempt 0_0

(Video) Wait..Siri Is A Real Woman?!

This is kinda Dope! I actually thought they were using some type synthesized voice, but homegirl is real!!!

Kevin Clash Wins Big In Child Molestation Lawsuits!

Kevin Clash has had quite a rough time for the past 8 or 9 months, when the former voice of Elmo was hit with back-to-back-to-back lawsuits from various men, claiming he’d had sex with them when they were under age. However, he had a huge victory in court today, when the judge ruled that three of his accusers (Cecil Singleton, Kevin Kiadii and a 3rd unnamed one) had waited too long to file their lawsuits. I’m not sure how many more are pending, but I’m assuming they’ll all find the same fate.

(Video) Beyonce Hates What About Herself?

Beyonce recently sat down with Australian show The Project to promote her role in the new movie Epic. While discussing her character Queen Tara, Bey revealed there’s one thing she just hates about it! Find out in the interview below.

SMH: “Elmo” Voice Actor Kevin Clash Sued Again…This Time For Crystal Meth Allegations

They won’t leave this poor man alone! He’s already resigned, what more do you want?! One of his accusers from the original set of allegations, Sheldon Stephens, has brought a lawsuit against Clash, saying that he’d “lured” him into crystal meth parties when he was just 16. Come on, man! This is the same guy who sued Clash originally for the underage sex allegations, reached a settlement, said Clash never did it, then took it back because part of the settlement was for him to say that Clash never did it and he didn’t want to lie anymore. More details on this new suit below.

(Video) DMX IS Caught Raising His Voice AGAIN…To WHO ?!?!

LMAO! It’s funny, but then again, it’s time for DMX to understand that the DOG growling doesn’t fear too many people. This time around the woman he’s yelling at, gives it right back. Drop down bottom to see who it is.

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