A$AP Mob On The Rise: Check Out The Man Behind A$AP Rocky & The Whole A$AP Brand

Apparently, this dude is the hip-hop spirit guide. A$AP Yams is his name and he seems to be the leader behind the Mob on the rise. “Yams is the hip-hop encyclopedia,” Rocky said. “He’s no joke. That’s one person I can’t front on when it comes to music.” At the age of 16 Yams interned at Diplomats Records, and managed a few producers, helping them sell their songs to rappers. Music was his thing. In 2008 is when Yams hooked up with Rocky and from there it all sky-rocketed. The two had to be in the studio almost daily, so that Rocky could find the type of voice that suited him. Looks like it all worked out for the best. Drop down bottom for more on Yams.

Yikes! The Man Who Voices Charlie Brown Was Arrested For WHAT?!

Good grief! It’s always awkward when people that have something to do with a children’s show do something crazy. Like the Elmo story? Still bananas! LOL. Peter Robbins, the man behind the voice of Charlie Brown (from when he was 9 to 13), just got FIVE felony stalking charges against him. Details below. Marisa Mendez

Marsha Ambrosius Had To Cancel UK Show Because…???

Seems like a case of the bug. Lose of voice. “Can’t have you sounding like DMX,” someone says. Marsha is really saddened to have to cancel the show, but what can you do right. Hope you get better. Her voice is too beautiful to be gone, even temporarily. Check out the tweets. Drop down bottom. JaaiR (JR)

Elmo Voice’s Accuser Got 6 Figures To Recant His Story

It seems that Kevin Clash isn’t as innocent as we thought he was. His accuser, Sheldon Stephens, may have recanted his statement but not because it didn’t happen. Stephens was given a nice, six-figure settlement by Clash to recant his statement and from now-on he must tell people that he was an adult at the time of the affair. It might be because Kevin voices the most loveable character ever, but I really want to believe his side of things but this settlement has me pretty skeptical. For a while it seemed that this was just a get rich quick scheme by Stephens especially given his shady past, and not it seems like that might be the case especially since he was spotted crying while signing his recanted statement and saying that he didn’t want to sign it. It could be that Clash paid off Stephens just to make things go away but either way the settlement still looks bad and Elmo is voiceless for now. Read more below. Julie A.

Sports: ESPN NBA Radio Voice Jim Durham Dies; Michael Jordan & Scottie Pippen React

Jim Durham, ESPN’s lead radio play-by-play voice on the NBA and a former broadcaster for the Chicago Bulls and Dallas Mavericks, died Sunday at his home in Tomball, Texas (outside Houston). He was 65. No cause of death was announced. GameTimeGirl

(Video) NBA: Michael Jordan & Jay-Z Team Up For NBA 2K13 Dynasty Commercial

It’s a dynasty…as promised!  Presenting the #NBA2K13 Jay-Z’s “Dynasty” TV spot, featuring the voice of Michael Jordan. Check it out… GameTimeGirl & TatWza

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