(Photos) Turn On Your Car’s A/C With Your Apple Watch!

Volkswagen has announced that it is going to be offering technology to pair your Apple watch with your car. The Car-Net Service will allow drivers to access a multitude of specs on their vehicle. Volkswagen has also included a feature that lets you track the speed of whoever is driving the vehicle. Read more to see what else you can control via your Apple Watch

Auto: Hate It Or Love It Poll: 4 Door VW Beetle

Let me be clear, this is only a concept. There is no 4 door Beetle on the road anywhere, but it could be coming soon. I actually think it looks better than the 2 door version that has been around forever. I actually don’t see why VW has not already done this, I mean why not? It would definitely move quite a few cars off the lot. Check out the pic and then take the poll after the jump. What you guys think?

(Video) Volkswagen “Rasta” Commercial For Super Bowl #Gethappy

This was the commercial that caused some controversy this week leading up to the Super Bowl. Some people thought it came off as racist, while it didn’t seem to bother some people at all. Check the ad after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Poll: Is This Volkswagen Super Bowl Commercial Racist?

Volkswagen is taking alot of heat for one of their upcoming commercials for the Super Bowl next week. The past 2 years, commercials for VW during the big game have been huge for the company, drawing rave reviews while being entertaining. The criticism that they are feeling now has to do with the “get happy” theme of the ad. The car maker used a song from reggae artist Jimmy Cliff. The racist remarks stem from having a white actor being portrayed with a Jamaican accent. In my opinion for someone to try and label this racist or insenstive is quite a strectch. It is meant to be entertaining and funny to all viewers of all races and ethnic backgrounds. While I do understand where some of those feelings can come from because of the accent being used and the cast of the commercial being mainly caucasian, that is where the humor is supposed to be found. To me, this ad does not come off in any shape, form or fashion as being insenstive. But that is my opinion and everyone is entitled to have one and we would love to hear some of yours. Watch the video after the jump and then take the poll below the video.

Auto:(Video) Volkswagen Releases Video Of Super Bowl Commercial..Funny

Since Volkswagen does not show a single car in this commercial, I am going to assume they have another trick up their sleeve for the big game next Sunday, but this ad is pretty funny. This ad will air during the Super Bowl next week, and it takes everything you have laughed at online before and turns it into a very well put together commercial. With the car show that just passed, I have a feeling this will not be their only ad during the game. Check the video below. IamJOE357

Auto:(Video) Cars On Fire, Bystanders TRY To Put It Out, Doesn’t Work

Whoever owns the Volkswagen Passat’s that are in this video, I feel sorry for you. Unless you are gonna get a nice insurance settlement, and if that’s the case I am happy for you. This truck carrying 7 of the Passat’s catches on fire. At first the fire is small and manageable. Some bystanders try to improvise with wet snow to put the fire out but that does not work. If the firemen did not take so long to get there, then maybe this fire would not of gotten so big. They are lucky the truck and the cars did not explode with all the fire and gasoline from the truck. Check the video below. It is a little long for you non patient readers. IamJOE357

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