Olympics: Mutilated Body Parts Wash Up Near Rio Volleyball Site

Yep, more 2016 Olympic drama. As Team USA prepares for the event, earlier today, body parts including specifically a foot washed up on the Copacabana Beach just a short distance where the Olympic Volleyball match is set to take place. According to locals, crime has increase quite a bit this year in comparison to last. Is it safe for our athletes?

(Fellas Check The Pics!) Oh My GAWD! Teyana Taylor Puts Her Sideboob On Full Display With Her A*s Out!

I’m not sure what G.O.O.D. Music artist Teyana Taylor has been eating, but that girl has been looking THICK as ever lately. The Harlem native showed off her volleyball skills as she flexed for the ‘Gram with her a*s and sideboob all out! Peep the sexy flicks in the gallery!

(Video) Sports: LMAO!! Kid Gets Destroyed By Volleyball Spike!

There isn’t much to say about this besides OUCH! This happened during a college volleyball game. This poor kid just gets his face smashed by a spike from the other team. I watched it about 10 times, lol. Check it after the jump.

(*Warning*18+*Video*) Caught On TV: Girl ‘Goes Down’ On BF In The Stands!!

I mean this is kinda crazy, While at a Volleyball match, the camera(which was broadcasting) got a close up of a chicks head in her man’s(we assume) lap, and to play it off, he did and up and down celebration….with her head 0_0

Coach Fired For Being Gay??

When people get fired from any job, they usually have some excuse as to why the company did them wrong, or they were fired for some off the wall reason. This coach however may be on to something. I don’t know about you but in all my years of watching sports, I have NEVER seen any coach in any sport get fired after going 25-6 that season. That is just what happened to Virginia Commonwealth University volleyball coach James Finley. Finley who is openly gay, has coached at the school for 8 years, and this past season they finished with the best record during his 8 year tenure. He was fired one day by the athletic director and told the program needed to go in a different direction. A new athletic director took over this past August and that is when Finley says he started to feel isolated by the administration. My personal opinion on this matter is I might agree with coach Finley. Anyone who goes 25-6 as a coach under no circumstances other than some drastic reason, should never be fired as a coach. That is a great record for a season. The fact the the athletic director knew he was gay when he took over also adds to the potential that this firing was motivated by something other than wins and losses. Read the full story below after the jump. IamJOE357

(Fellas Check The Pic) The Sexy Volleyball Player That Has Everyone Talking About That A**!!!

Check out the sexy volleyball player that has everyone talking about that a**. Click below to see the pic. WiL Major

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