NFL: IG Model in Von Miller’s Sex Tape Says DeSean Jackson Has a Small Penis; DJax & GF Fire Back

Von Miller made a sex tape with IG model Elizabeth Ruiz.  She was going to release the tape but Miller filed legal docs to stop that from happening in November.  Fast forward to January and Ruiz did an interview with Hollywood Unlocked.  In that interview, she volunteered to tell them who has a small penis.  According to her, that person is Washington Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson.  Well, of course, Jackson didn’t take it lightly and fired back at her on Instagram.  His girlfriend/baby mother Kayla Phillips decided to fire back too, with a threat.

NFL: Broncos Von Miller Gifts Custom Wine Bottles To Every Player In The AFC West

Von Miller decided to get in the holiday spirit a little early this year. He sent every single player in the AFC West a custom bottle of wine which came complete with a thank you note. He even made sure players on injured reserve and on the practice teams got a bottle.

(Video) NFL: Von Miller’s Sex Tape Co-Star Says She Didn’t Extort Him, She Kept it for Masturbation

It was recently revealed that Von Miller made a sex tape with Elizabeth Ruiz while they were vacationing in Cancun, Mexico.  Ruiz is allegedly extorting Miller, demanding $2.5 million for the tape.  She now says that’s not true.

NFL: Von Miller Wants Sex Tape Blocked By Courts

Superbowl champ Von Miller made a huge error in judgment and is now currently trying to keep the visual a secret. Yep, sex tape.

(Photos) NFL: First Von Miller, Now Deandre Hopkins Show Off Their Yeezy Cleats

If you’re not a fan of the Yeezy line of kicks from Adidas then you likely could care less about this story but there are plenty of people who loved the cleats Von Miller wore last night. Prior to the game he took to twitter to show the Yeezy 750 style cleats he was sent as he thanked Kanye. He wore them for warmups but decided to change into a more basic pair of cleats for the game itself. Today, Texans star wide receiver Deandre Hopkins, also took to twitter to show us his Yeezy 350 turtle dove style cleats that he was sent, which he will wear on Sunday. Personally I’m not a big fan of Yeezys but I must say both of these pairs were pretty dope. Check out the gallery!

(Video) NFL: Von Miller Hilariously Creates Parody Of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” For Madden’ 17

Not much to talk about here, just Von Miller being Von Miller. With the release of Madden 17 coming this week, he really wants fans to build franchises around him in the video game. Madden 17 is set to feature a revamped franchise mode, new commentary, better defenses and much more and Von just wants to be part of it all. He took Biebers “Sorry” and turned it into “Start me” and the outcome is very funny. Miller has shown his personality is much different than most NFL players and I mean that in a complimentary way. He has fun and enjoys every minute of life that he can and this video is no exception.

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