(Video) Cheating Kenyan Wife Gets Stuck To Her Side Dude During Sexual Intercourse After Husband Casts Spell

This is super crazy. A woman from Kenya and her side dude get stuck together after her husband casts a voodoo spell on them. The two were attempting to have sex when the side dude noticed he could not pull his jimmy out of his lover.

(Video) Artists Come Together for 15th Anniversary of D’Angelo’s Voodoo Album

Fresh off the arrival of the long awaited Black Messiah and straight into another major milestone! Artists Come Together for 15th Anniversary of D’Angelo’s Voodoo Album to pay respect, homage and good vibes to the #classic masterpiece that both defined and redefined the experience of soul, Hip Hop, rhythm and blues.

(Video) D’Angelo Set To Release Upcoming Album

R&B heartthrob D’Angelo has been MIA from the music scene for years now but he’s finally making a come-back. The singer is gearing up to drop his upcoming album and even plans to start touring in October. Billboard’s Kevin Liles explains why the project has been taking so long. “Here’s the thing: with D’Angelo it was a process. He didn’t perform for 10 years and he’s been working on an album for the past 12 years. I actually got him to go out and do 30 shows [in 2011-2012], and then we did some ‘Brothers in Arms’ shows. I said, ‘We have to get motivated around what people want to hear from you, and what does it mean to come back to that space?’ He very bluntly put it, ‘Kev, the studio and the stage: that’s my lifeblood. Now that I’ve touched it again, now that I see it again, I wanna be sure that the baby I’m about to have — the album — that I take it to the point where it’s all it can be.’” Be on the look out for D’Angelo’s new album coming to a store near you!

(Video) Jim Jones – “VooDoo”

With a blunt in his hand, Jim Jones remakes Miguel’s “Do You” See his latest video out called “VooDoo” after the jump! Biz Baby

Cab Driver Uses Voodoo To Stop Shooting

An African cab driver has announced that he used voodoo to stop a young man from causing another unforseen massacre.  Well, he tricked the boy into thinking he could make him vanish while he called the cops.  This then triggered a lockdown at Trenton Central High School in NJ.  The driver had scooped up the young boy on Thursday morning and he pulled out a pistol and admitted that he was about to kill his classmates because they almost killed him!  The cab driver then calmed the boy down by comparing himself to him,comparing his struggles and finally telling him that he can give him some medicine to calm him down.  The gullible boy believed him and agreed,this gave the cabbie time to call authorities. He’s def a hero! Steph B

(Photos) Basement Voodoo In Brooklyn!

A voodoo obsessed photographer set out to Brooklyn to capture some pictures of people practicing voodoo.  She stepped into a home and walked down to a basement to find herself face to face with possessed men and women.  The people that practice summon spirits and communicate with them and thrash about as they’re being possessed.  Hit the jump for pics captured. Steph B

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