(Photos+Video) EPA Employees Watching Pornography

Created in 1970, The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is to be watchful and establish laws for the betterment of the environment. Not be wilfully negligent with sexual misconduct at the agency or watchful of pornography during operation hours. Mr. Trey Gowdy castigated the EPA for its lack of disciplinary actions for improper execution of power or a lack thereof.

(Warning*18+*Video) Caught On Tape: Public Servant Watches Porn While At Work

Lol, He’s literally ‘Hard’ at work. Cheesy puns aside, this guy is like at a guard post or something, but ALL his attention is on that computer screen!

(PHOTO) See A Breakdown Of Porn Watched On The Web In America!!!

Porn Hub, a well known pornsite is letting us see what type of porn is watched, the most, and where…Truly interesting!! Funny enough, by looking at the graph, the southern more ‘Religious’ states, have the longest time spent. 0_0

(Video) LOL…The Hot 97 Morning Show Get At Funk Flex?!

LMAO…Really Breeze?!? Like you weren’t watching it too!!! I can’t front we were watching it, but we were getting a temp of reality shows…SMH. LOL And Rosenberg Shut UP, that’s why ASAP Rocky got you last night!!! hit the Jump and see.

Tech Talk News: Viacom Study Shows People Watch TV on Tablets More Than PCs

Tablets are quickly becoming an essential tool for everyone, so after a study showed that quite a number of people were doing their shopping with the aid of this device, now it appears that the slate has also replaced the TV. A recent Viacom study that included over 2,500 people nationwide showed a shift from computers and smartphones to tablets, when watching TV programs @Yungjohnnybravo @TatWZA

Tech Talk News: Streaming Media Consumption to Surpass DVD Watching for the First Time in 2012

Consumers will watch more movies online than on DVDs in 2012 for the first time, but will spend far less doing so, according to a new report.The number of movies rented or bought online from outlets like Netflix and iTunes will grow 135% this year to 3.4 billion, according to IHS Screen Digest. But the research firm said people will spend only $1.72 billion on digital movies, compared to $11.1 billion on DVDs and Blu-ray discs. @Yungjohnnybravo @TatWZA

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