Jessica Simpson Tried To Get The Lap Band To Lose Her Baby Weight…And Was REJECTED By Two Doctors!

We can’t imagine Weight Watchers would have been too happy to hear about this! It’s no secret that Jessica Simpson has had her share of difficulties shedding the 70 pounds she put on while pregnant with her daughter, Maxwell, but despite signing a multi-million dollar deal with the weight loss company to be their spokesperson, the singer apparently was so desperate to get slim again that she tried to get the lap band surgery! However, she consulted with two different doctors…and both advised her against it! Read more after the jump Quay

(Photo) Jessica Simpson Wears Her Daisy Dukes Again!?

We all know that Jessica Simpson gained a little weight after her recent pregnancy, but now she joined Weight Watchers and is getting back on track. Some say it’s too soon for her to be back in her Daisy Duke shorts, but others think she looks good! Click below to see the photo and decide for yourself. Melissa

(Video) Jessica Simpson’s Weight Watchers Commercial

Ever since giving birth, Jessica Simpson has been hard at work to get the baby weight off! With the help of weight watchers Jessica is hopes to accomplish the drastic weight loss. See her first weight watchers commercial below. Eloisa Melo

(Check The Pic) Jessica Simpson’s New Body!

Jessica Simpson was struggling for a little bit with taking off her baby weight, but it seems like she’s doing pretty well on her Weight Watchers diet. Click below to see the photo she posted of herself onto her personal twitter account today and see what you think. Melissa

(Photo) Jessica Simpson STILL Hasn’t Lost Any BabyWeight

Over two months ago Jessica Simpson gave birth, and after giving birth she got a $4 million dollar deal with Weight Watchers. It looks like she hasn’t lost any weight yet! Check the recent photo to see what she looks like! Melissa Nash

(Video) NBA: You’ve Seen The Drag Pic, Now Here’s Charles Barkley Weight Watchers Commercial

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Yesterday we showed you a pic of Charles Barkley dressed in drag for a Weight Watchers commercial and now we have the actual commercial that will start airing in April.  Check it out…

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