Weird: Ashanti’s Obsessed Stalker Busted For Doing What?

Ok this is a weird story. Ashanti Apparently has an obsessed Stalker who has been tweeting the famous singer inappropriate messages. Check out more on this story after the jump.

WTF…..16-Foot Snake Opens Doors?!?!

If you have a pet snake that can do this, then I’m never coming to your house… Ever!! This pet, 16-foot albino python, is video taped opening a door on its’ own! Hit the jump to check out the video!

(Video) DAMN….Rookie Cop Gets Bit By A Monkey?!

This ROOKIE….was bitten by a monkey on the side of the road during a traffic stop! Lol Hit the jump to check the video!

WTF!!! THIS Government Will Mail You Dog Doo?!

Do you pick up your dog’s poop when you take them to the park or for a walk?? If you don’t pick it up, then it’s feasible that your dog’s feces can be mailed to you!

Check It Out: Leonardo Dicaprio Wears WHAT In Venice???

This is kinda Odd, Leonardo Dicaprio was out and about in Venice, Italy and he was wearing a very od black mask. Maybe he was trying to get in to character for a role or maybe he was hiding from the wild Paparazzi. Check out the pic after the jump.

(Photos) Wait.. What? Leonardo DiCaprio Rocks A MASK In Public!

It looks like Leonardo DiCaprio has been inducted into the club of “stars who wear weird masks” recently. Kanye, Justin Bieber, and A$AP Rocky were some of the celebrities also spotted rockin’ strange masks in public. If that’s what’s “fashionable” now-a-days, I will have to refrain from participating in this trend. Check out some of the masked pics after the jump!

Auto:(Video) Dude Gets Hit By Motorcycle & Tries To Run From Scene

I do not know what the hell is going on in this video, but something seems weird. As you will see a man on a motorcycle is riding through city streets before a moron runs out into the street. As you would expect, the man on the bike runs over the pedestrian. The weird part is the man who was run over gets up and starts to run away. What is he possibly running for? Soon as he takes off, the bike rider is on his ass giving chase. Maybe they happened to know each other or something. And how the hell did both of them just get up and run after a crash like that? At the end of the day I guess who really cares, but the video is cool lol. Check it after the jump.

(Photos)Weird Beard And Mustache Contest

Weird! While we were out enjoying our weekends there was a weird beard and mustache contest going on somewhere out there in the world.  The contest took place in Europe to be exact and it is pretty funny to see how they came up and executed all of these weird designs.  Hit the jump for the pics. Steph B

Man Claims WHAT Helped His Erectile Dysfunction?!

I would assume that Erectile Dysfunction is never fun for either party involved, with all the medications and herbal supplements that are targeted to fight ED it’s hard to believe that men still go to extreme measures to get it up. According to own man, a certain natural product helped his issue and he recommended it to others although I think the idea won’t really turn others on. Find out what it is below. Julie1205

Three Bears Caught Swimming In Someone’s Backyard Pool

Three bears were caught in the backyard of a residential home taking a dip in the pool. Funny and scary at the same time. Hit the jump. Gernique N

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