(Photo) Hit Or Miss? Miguel Wears An Interesting Outfit To BET Awards

Miguel is known for his unique style. But did he over do it this time? Hit the jump and tell us what you think. Gernique N

(Photos) Rising Popularity Of Fish Pedicures

Apparently, fish pedicures have been around for a while. They’re banned in many places, but Baghdad is attempting to use the spa treatment to bring Iraqi customers back to their area (due to the downfall caused by the war). Hit the jump to see the weird pics. Gernique N

(Photos) Creative? 5 Ways To Use Tampons In The Wild

At first glance, this sounds pretty disgusting. But the suggestions seem pretty helpful. Hit the jump to see how feminine products can be used to help you in the wild. Gernique N

(Video) Couple Has 240 Sex Dolls!

Wow, this is crazy! A British couple has spent $150k to buy 240 sex dolls! The couple said they love their dolls and even take them rollerblading. Imagine walking down the street and you see a sex doll on roller-blades?! All the dolls are fully clothed and that’s not even the strangest part. Find out why the couple have 240 sex dolls below. Julie1205

(Video) Tech Talk Sports: Behind The Scenes Of The Kinect Float At The Rose Bowl!

I mean normally this is @gametimegirl material, but Kinect is me, so I’ll shoulder it this time:-) Microsoft has built a Kinect Float to let the world know how well the Kinect is doing out there, you can hit the Jump, but stay with Sabrina on Updates about th actual Rose Bowl!!! +TatWZA

(Photo) Weird Animal Or Alien???

Apparently in Panama, Something stumbled out of the woods, and they are not really sure what the hell it is, hit the Jump and you tell me what you think it is, I mean it is kinda far from Area 51. +TatWZA

(Photo) World’s Weirdest Looking Couple???

I Mean, as I was trolling the Internet the away I do, saw this Pic, and just knew I had to post it, I need your opinion, Is the this the World’s Weirdest Couple??? Hit the Jump and Let me know!! +TatWZA

Man Kills His Mother For Not Getting Him Skybox Seats To Avril Lavigne Concert!!

This guy killed the woman who GAVE HIM LIFE because she refused to ask her friend to get her son skybox tickets to an Avril Lavigne concert. This might be one of the craziest “weird” murder stories we’ve ever posted. smh. Hit the jump for the full story… Wendy L.

Tech Talk Device: Blu eCig Gets Smart Pack!!!

 If You are a smoker(cigarettes) then you know how difficult it really is to quit, I mean I’m in the process of trying and I personally tell you, it’s Difficult, But supposedly Blu eCig has the Pack that’s Smart enough to help! Tat WZA WZA on Google+

Man Arrested For Having Sex With An Inflatable Pool!!!

I guess his hand was not good enough. An Ohio man felt like a pool would make a suitable sex partner. Check out this wacky sex in public situation after the jump. @ShottaDru

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