Tech Talk Shopping: Verizon Drops 4 NEW Phones At 1 Time!!!!!

OK Today is the Big Day that Verizon Drops The Xperia Play, Like the one Jime Jones got his Son one(that he hasn’t given to yet), along with 3 other tough Phones, Oder Your after the Jump! @TatWZA

Battle Of The Smartphone Tables??

Microsoft and Apple have been battling back and forth for years, and now is no different, Well this isn’t an actual battle between Apple and Microsoft, but since someone built a hugh iPhone Table(58 inches), someone else has built a hugh Windows 7 Phone Table, kinda, but see the video after the jump for yourself. @TatWza

Microsoft Marketing Scheme??

A Windows Phone 7 Commercial, that has been more energetic than what Microsoft actually has Put out, and is getting the Thumbs up from Microsoft exec’s. See it in the Details. @TatWza

Microsoft Bringing Windows Phone 7 To The Surface!

Surface is set to be Microsoft’s Shining Star…In the future, but maybe not that far off it will be a minority reported life! @TatWza

Sprint Teasing A Serious Windows Phone 7 Update???

This Morning Sprint Teased, what people say is for a Windows Update, about being able to Phone and Xbox Games. They clearly want us to tune back in tomorrow, because who wouldn’t want That!?!?!! @TatWza

Nokia Microsoft Marriage May See Fruition This Year!!!!

Barely on their honeymoon and Nokia is talking babies, Engadget is reporting that Nokia’s Jo Harlow said at a Mobile World Conference Press Conference that she’s aiming for 2011 to drop a Nokia’d Windows Phone 7 because it would make her boss “Much Happier”, well it might make us much happier Too! @TatWza

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