(Video) New Footage Shows iPhone 7 In Action!

Here we go, getting closer to the launch date, the leaks becoming more aggressive, so we’ve gone from footage of them just existing to actually working!

(Audio) Tech Talk Gaming: What Happened This Week…[email protected] Interview!!!!

I was able to find out what was going on with the Gaming Community by interviewing the Major Indie site GamerTagRadio.com, But More Stuff is coming out, and we need to know about it, So hit the Jump!! +TatWZA

(Audio) Tech Talk Gaming: Get A FREE Copy Of Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition!!!!

Yes Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition is coming Soon(Tomorrow), And I am, a Gaming Freak, But yet I don’t have All the time in the world I need in order to keep up with All of these great games, AND Tech, And This Blog, So I took time out to talk to a couple of friends of mine, So IFWT has a Review of the Gaming scene in 2011, So Hit the Jump How to get a FREE Copy of HALO Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition!!! +TatWZA

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