You Be The Critic: Hmmm, So Far Which Is Better?!?!

So far Both Next Gen Gaming systems have had a Reveal, ButSony really only revealed the Controller to PS4, and Microsoft has fully shown us the New Xbox One…I def think Microsoft just Blew it away, but up until now people have been shouting PS4 louder….What do you have to say now?!??

Steven Spielberg Will Direct This TV Series!!!

Xbox Entertainment Studios has announced that Steven Spielberg will be the director of its first TV Series Halo. Over 343 industries are working together to create the Halo show.

EA Announces Exclusive Games For THIS Console!!!!

Electronic Arts is created 4 new games for Xbox One. FIFA, Madden, NBA Live and UFC, which will all be released in the next 12 months. This will be the first UFC title to be released by EA.

Skype Will Be Available For Xbox One!!!

Xbox just announced that Skype will be availble for its new console, Xbox One. Users will be able to Skype while playing a game using the Kinect camera. Also, group video chats are possible as well as a new feature called Snap that lets you take calls while playing or watching TV.

Microsoft Reveals The New Xbox Console!!!!

Microsoft held an event at its headquarters today to talk about the new Xbox, which they are calling the next generation console. The Company is calling the new console XBOX ONE which will be an all in one entertainment system built for the entire family.

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