Tech Talk Spotlight: Check Out Todays 3/13/13 Top @Viddy Videos

  Check out the hottest and coolest videos and clips from Viddy.

The Invincible Iron Man Video Game Trailer

Now you too can step into the shoes of the man the legend Tony Stalks aka Iron Man

New Reports Say No Eye Tracking Technology With Galaxy IV!!!

We hit the first bump in the road with Samsung’s Galaxy SIV. Now the word is The US will not get the eye tracking technology and will not have a 8 core processor. According to Bloomberg “the Galaxy S IV will not include the feature at launch, although it may appear in “future versions of the phone.” Samsung will instead use a simpler head-tracking technology that will have the ability to pause videos when a user turns away from the screen” Does this mean the GS IV will be a disappointment in the US, probably since all the details have’nt been released and Samsung could have more tricks up their sleeve.

Google Shows Off Apps With Google Glass At #SXSW (Video)

Whenever Google decides to drop its new Glass device, it will have the same features as android mobile devices. Recently at SXSW Google showed off how the users can interact with gmail and other 3rd party apps when its released. Check out how a user can interact with Google Glass when on after the break.

Assassin’s Creed III: Tyranny of King Washington: The Infamy Power of the Wolf Trailer

Find the inner wolf inside of you in the new Tyranny of King Washington DLC….

PAYDAY!!: Run-and-Gun Walkthrough (Video)

Check some new footage from PAYDAY 2, which features a 2 man robbery in the visual walkthrough of a Jewelry store.

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