(Video) Boxing: Yusaf Mack Beats Up Twitter Troll Who Harassed Him Over Being Gay

It’s not just Twitter… Openly gay boxer Yusaf Mack beat down a man he claims has been harassing him online over his sexual orientation.

(Video) Boxing: Gay Boxer Yusaf Mack: ‘My Interest Are Trannys, I Love Trannys’

Philly boxer Yusaf Mack is out and proud.  His ordeal began when friends found out he appeared in a gay porno with two other men.  Mack initially said he was drugged and didn’t willingly participate.  When the porn company Dawg Pound USA threatened to sue him, he finally came out and admitted initially that he was bisexual and later that he is full on gay.  Now that the truth is out, Mack is being more open about his sexuality.

(Video: Boxing: Yusaf Mack Goes From Claiming He Was Drugged To Do Gay Porn To Throwing “Coming Out” Party

Yusaf Mack must have figured there was no point in trying to stop a locomotive. That locomotive just happened to be the story about his gay past and all the evidence that accompanied it. It was discovered that Mack did some gay porn years back but his version was he was drugged to do it and didn’t even remember what he did. Eventually that story was weak so he gave in and just came clean, admitting that although he has 10 children with 6 different women, he is gay. He even went as far as to throw a party to celebrate his new life.

(Video) Boxing: Yusaf Mack Admits He’s Gay & His Daughter Told Him to Kill Himself

Yusaf Mack is finally coming clean and declares that he’s gay.  The Philly boxer was discovered in a porno with two men.  When news spread, Mack came up with a story saying he was drugged on the set and didn’t willingly participate in a gay porno.  The porno company Dawg Pound USA threatened to sue Mack and he decided to come clean, saying he’s bisexual.  Now in an exclusive interview with Fox 29, Mack decided to be totally truthful.

Boxing: Yusaf Mack Admits He’s Bisexual & Wasn’t Drugged to Do Gay Porn

A few days ago a story went viral about Philly boxer Yusaf Mack who claims he was drugged when a porno was released showing him performing sexual acts with two men.  Well the company Dawg Pound USA whom paid Mack for his services threatened to sue him and Mack quickly changed his tune.

Boxing: Yusaf Mack Is About To Be Sued By Porn Company He Accused Of Drugging Him To Do Gay Porn

Yusaf Mack is not one of the more famous boxers of this generation but his name is making the rounds at the moment and it’s not for the greatest of reasons. Mack boxes now but apparently he did gay porn back in the day as a way to make money for his family. He claims he was drugged because he has no recollection of it and says he was supposed to take part in scenes with woman only. Now the company itself is firing back and threatening a lawsuit against him.

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