Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has long recounted a story of “accidentally” shooting himself when he was 12, playing with a 9 mm handgun. Thankfully, an off-duty cop was around to help young Tune, and he survived to become the rap star he is today. Apparently, that wasn’t the whole story, though!

On “London Roads”, a song from his newly-released Free Weezy Album, Wayne revealed that the shooting was no accident.

“Ms. Cita I remember goin’ in your gun drawer
Puttin’ it to my chest and missin’ my heart by centimeters, oh Lord
I remember dyin’ on her room floor
And wakin’ up in some police’s arms
He died recent, so I hope heaven made more room for him
And I hope he see me, cause if he didn’t save that lil boy there would be no Weezy oh Lord”

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

Now I may have just heard that as a colorful way to describe the accident, but I was privileged to sit in on a Carter V session with Wayne back in December, and he told me that it truly was a botched suicide attempt. He was excited about the song – originally set to live on C5 – because it was the first time he’d ever revealed that story.

Other songs from FWA that I know were set for C5 are “I Feel Good” and the Wiz Khalifa-assisted “Living Right.” Stream the album now on TIDAL.

Source: LifeIsTremendez