Woman Files Lawsuit Because There Was Not Enough Driving In “Drive”

Apparently a moviegoer felt so strong about the lack of driving in Ryan Goslings new movie “Drive”, she’s demanding her money back and possibly even more. Hit the jump to find out more!! Tim C.

Teens March Across BK Bridge To Protest NYPD’s Stop & Frisk Policy

Last year, A record 601,055 people were stopped and questioned by the NYPD. Yesterday, hundreds of NYC teens fought back by marching across the Brooklyn Bridge to protest against the NYPD’S stop & frisk policy. These teens feel they’ve been racial profiled & unfairly judged based on their ethnicity. Amanda Mullen

Heroin Mill Operating In Gentrified Red Hook Neighborhood Gets Shut Down

Last week, police busted a heroin ring in a gentrified Red Hook neighborhood. Apparently, the dealers thought that by operating in a nicer neighborhood they could avoid law enforcement but they were wrong, the police & investigators caught up! Amanda Mullen

Big Boi Accepts Plea On Drug Charges

Big Boi takes plea deal today in Miami Court to avoid jail on drug charges. Although he may be avoiding bars & barbed wire, Big Boi is not avoiding three months of drug testing, community service & $2,000 in charity donations. Amanda Mullen

(Video) Cam’ron On Jeopardy??

Checkout how Killa Cam became the topic of discussion on Jeopardy earlier!!! Tim C.

Tech Talk Device: The Dell Streak Pro

  Dell is gearing to release its new  tablte, The Dell Streak Pro . The Dell Streak Pro will be a 10 inch tablet,  an upgrade from its last offering (The Streak). @Tatwza @YJB

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