(Photos) The Evolution Of Kim Kardashian: Good Genes Or Good Surgery? The Changes In Her Face Are Crazy!

Amazing what surgery can do for you! Kim Kardashian isn’t the same fresh-faced girl who burst onto TV screens in 2006. In the pictures in the gallery, we’ve supplied you with Kim K from 2006 and the way to 2013. See the evolution of the Kardashian sister below!

(Video) #ThrowbackThursday That Time When Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart Cooked Together

In what may be one of the most unlikely combinations on this earth, Snoop made a special guest appearance in 2008 on Martha Stewart’s show. The result was an unbelievably hilarious video of them cooking mashed potatoes together. In any case, Martha’s on a level of gangster all her own. Watch the video after the jump.

(Photos) WTH Is Going On Here!?! LOL.. Kim Kardashian And Kanye BACK In The Friend Zone

LOL.. y’all HAVE to see this. If you didn’t know, prior to Kim and Kanye dating, they were pretty good friends. Recently, Kim put out the footage of them on Instagram as a “Throwback Thursday” pictures. The pictures are hilarious! It was supposed to be on a show, but it never released – so take the first look now after the jump! Biz Baby

(Photos) Rihanna’s Hairstyles Over The Years

When she’s not caught up in crazy drama with her ex/possible current boyfriend Chris Brown, Rihanna is busy touring the world and being a fashionista. The Bajan beauty first came on the scene in 2005, and her style has completely evolved since her “Pon de Replay” days by far. Back then she had long hair, hardly any bang to cover that forehead (!) and highschool-style clothing but come 2006, she started to grow up. 2007 ushered in her popular bob with the success of “Umbrella,” and it kept going shorter through 2008. By 2009, RihRih started playing heavily with color and since then, we’ve seen her as a blonde, a brunette, a redhead and everything in between. Check out the accompanying gallery to see her styles over the years. Marisa Mendez

Auto Talk: Acura recalling over 52,000 TL sedans over power steering hose

Acura is recalling 52,615 TL sedans from the 2007 and 2008 model years. The problem: a faulty power steering hose that could, over time, deteriorate and develop a fluid leak. Funk Flex

(Video) Controversial Casey Anthony Video Released By Judge!!

A Florida judge has OKed the release of a 2008 video showing Casey Anthony’s reaction upon hearing that the remains of her daughter Caylee Anthony were discovered in woods near her grandparent’s home. What’s interesting about the video is that the news report that aired only identified that remains had been found but they did not announce that the remains were those of Casey’s missing daughter. And according to Casey’s attorney’s opening statements at the trial, she already knew her daughter was dead at the time she watched this video, since her defense maintain that Caylee drowned in the family pool on June 16 of that year. Hit the jump to read the full story & to see the footage. Wendy L.

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