Uh-Oh!! Ne-Yo’s Ex Taking Him To Court?!?!

Ne-Yo is dealing with ex-baby mama drama. Ne-Yo recently did an interview for VH1 behind the music where he told his life story, including the part about his former ex-girlfriend and her child, a baby that Ne-Yo used to believe was his. Jesseca White, Ne-Yo’s ex is taking him to court over a confidentiality clause they had in a previous settlement costing Ne-Yo $575,000, apparently she lawyered up, she’s out for more. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

Bow Wow Get’s Put On Blast!!!

Speculation about Bow Wow’s finances have been a hot topic lately but news of his current earnings have been dropping out to the public letting us know just how much Bow makes from 106 and Park and how he’s making ends meet in between. Apparently the YMCMB rapper lied about how much he makes at a Child Support Hearing where he failed to even mention the BET gig. Hit Jump for more. PaulDaPro

(Photos) SMH! Chief Keef Tweets Picture Of WHAT?!

Chief Keef clearly has no chill at all. I feel like he’s always in the news for doing stupid sh*t like tweeting pictures of him getting dome or missing videos paid for by 50 Cent and now he’s back at it. The young rapper took to his Twitter account to let the world know about his child support drama. Keef tweeted a picture showing that his baby’s mother “Kay Kay” hit him with child support paper work and he’s more than happy to support his daughter who is adorable! I’m really glad the young rapper is stepping up to pay child support, but he’s going to need to learn not to broadcast his personal life on social media sites. SMH. see his tweets in the gallery. Julie A.

Kid Cudi Throws In The Towel In Custody War…And His Child’s Mother Has Some Pretty Serious Claims!

Kid Cudi had been battling his daughter’s mother in court for full custody, but it looks like it’s a battle he just can’t win. They’d been going at it for well over a year, with Cud even buying a crib in Chicago just to be closer to both his daughter and her mom. He claims he’s been giving lots of money for his little one, but the BM has countered that, saying he’s full of it and provided “sporadic and inconsistent amounts” of support, on top of the fact he was never around, “has violent tendencies and a long history of consistent drug and alcohol abuse.” Sheesh. In the end, Cudi didn’t get his way, and allowed his ex to take full custody, will him getting visitation rights and having to pay child support. Perhaps it’s for the best? Marisa Mendez

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