NFL: Damn! Cowboys Barry Church Makes Personal Threat To Lions Golden Tate

Wanting revenge sometimes is a natural feeling but when you verbalize it, especially in the NFL, you are going to attract the attention of people you really do not want to hear from, like the Commissioner. Cowboys Barry Church is still angry and making a threat over what he feels was a dirty hit by then Seahawks receiver Golden Tate on his teammate Sean Lee. Tate is now with the Lions, whom the Cowboys play this weekend and Church is making no secret about what he intends to do!

NFL: Lol, What?! Cowboys Player Sidelined Due To Injury Caused By A Jolly Rancher

I probably shouldn’t laugh, because this is something that I can totally see happening to me. SMH.  Cowboys safety Barry Church will no longer choose Jolly Ranchers as his choice of sweets.  Why?  Because it caused to miss practice … because of a jolly rancher injury. Whaaat?  Yea.  I’m sure his teammate are going to have all kinds of jokes for him.  Details after the jump…

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