(Video) Brave Autistic Kid Stands Up To His Bullies!

Jake, a kid, wanting to be known for more than his medical problems; has taken a stand in this clip, featured in the upcoming ‘BULLY’ documentary. Watch as Jake stands up to those in his GYM class, who begin to smirk when he starts to tell them how he really feels, below!

NFL (Report): Over 1,000 Texts Between Jonathan Martin & Richie Incognito Leak!

Yes, we are still talking about this Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito bullying mess.  The good news is that the investigation is about to conclude and hopefully everyone can move forward from it.  In the meantime, over 1,000 alleged texts between the two former teammates have surfaced.  While the texts talk a lot about women & p*ssy, they seem pretty normal (although I didn’t read each and everyone). Check’em out & let us know what you think…

(Video) Beating On School Bus Leaves Student Bloody, Driver Does Nothing!

SMH! Things just keep getting worst for kids these days. Students were taking a school bus in Harrisburg, PA, when a bully started beating on two teens. As the attack took place right behind the driver, the man did not intervene nor respond to the teenagers pleas to get off the buss. To see the footage, click below.

(Video) RATCHET ALERT: Two Girls Beat Down McDonald’s Security Guard In Jersey

Trenton, New Jersey just took an L after this video surfaced of two hoodboogers beating down a McDonald’s security guard until the Po Po came. Check it out after the jump

Brooklyn Teacher Gets Fined For Forcing Student To Do WHAT?!

I know they go hard in BK but DAMN! This Brownsville teacher was NOT playin’. Hit the jump to see why she got fined $10,000K!!

(Video) There Is A Right And A Wrong Way To Deal With Bullies….See The WRONG WAY!!!

Lol, I mean there IS a Right and a Wrong way to handle Bullying, And Neither of the 2 examples after the Jump are Both Wrong, But there are Degrees!! The Best Way to Handle Bullies(at least at 1st), Is to let someone know whats going on with you, and Not try and handle it on your own…And That’s where both examples After the Jump go wrong, Just one takes an L, and one Might get suspended from school.

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