C-Murder Is Currently Under Investigation For Recording Songs While In Prison

C-Murder, who is currently in prison for killing a teenager back in 2002, is currently under investigation after authorities suspect he has been recording music while behind bars. Last week, the rapper dropped a video for a new single. He has a album coming out in April called, “Penitentiary Chances.”

C-Murder Apologizes For 2 Chainz Diss Track; Calls It A “Misunderstanding”

Last week, the incarcerated C-Murder put out a diss track toward 2 Chainz titled “2 Stainz,” as he was upset that 2 Chainz was running with the word “TRU,” which Murder says he started. 2 Chainz immediately reacted to the diss, but instead of being mad or even creating a record back, he was actually excited that a rapper he was once a huge fan of cared enough to acknowledge him. (Obviously he was being a bit trolly, but it was still a mature response nonetheless.) Perhaps seeing that his diss did nothing but make him look crazy, C-Murder has now changed his mind, and he’s calling the whole thing “a misunderstanding.” In a text sent to 2 Chainz via one of Murder’s associates, the beef was called off, and 2 Chainz is cool with it. “For y’all in my comments it’s all Good, communication is key,” 2 Chainz wrote with a screen shot of the text message on Instagram. “Most ppl don’t listen to understand they listen to reply …let’s Build that’s what it’s all about. Much Luv to C Murder.” Check out the text in the gallery.

Boosie Badazz & C-Murder Are Doing A Joint Album Called “Penitentiary Chances”

C-Murder is serving a life sentence at Louisiana State Penitentiary, while Boosie Badazz was released in 2014 after a lengthy bid for drug charges. Suffice to say, both rappers know a thing or two about being behind bars, so they’ve decided to team up to tell their tales on a joint album, Penitentiary Chances. “That’s just them two linking up on an album, doing something they always wanted to do, but never got a chance to do,” C-Murder’s artist Vs told AllHipHop. “By them both being incarcerated, they had time to put their heads together and come up with a project.” It still boggles my mind how artists can record so much from behind bars, but nonetheless… Penitentiary Chances is set to drop April 15.

(Video) It Ain’t Over .. Or Is It: 2 Chainz Decides He Will Not Have A Comeback For C-Murder

It’s a slow day in beefs when you feel the need to create a diss track over a word no one has heard you say in (checks arrest record) more than 15 years; either that or you’re feeling some type of way that the only rap convict getting more attention than you is Gucci Mane. Just my theories on why C-Murder came at 2 Chainz with a diss track for using the word TRU. While Tity Boi gave a little inkling that he could care less about the diss track, TMZ ran into the Georgia rapper with the question of whether or not he would reply with a diss track of his own. Hit the jump for more.

C-Murder Disses 2 Chainz On New Song; 2 Chainz Responds

The currently-incarcerated C-Murder feels that he is the originator of the word “TRU,” (not to be confused with “true,”) and he isn’t here for 2 Chainz popularizing it in the current day. So, he decided to make a diss track. (Yes, from behind bars.)

(Photos) C-Murder Let Out Of Prison To Attend His Grandmother’s Funeral…In Handcuffs

The jail was nice enough to allow rapper C-Murder, who’s currently serving a life sentence for a 2002 murder, out for the day recently to attend his grandmother’s funeral. Unfortunately, they weren’t going to cut him total slack…and still required him to wear his prison garments and his cuffs. Kind of awkward while out in public, but it’s better than not being able to go at all! More photos in the gallery.

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