NJ Burglary Suspect Reveals Plan With Inadvertent “Butt- Dial” 911 Phone Call

Police report a New Jersey man told on himself by not properly locking his phone to prevent an inadvertent phone call. Out of everyone he could have accidentally called, he just so happened to inform the authorities of his illegal activity.

Boxing: Former Middleweight Champion Jermain Taylor’s Police Call Leaked!

Even though we were aware that the former boxer admitted to shooting his cousin multiple times, the 911 call from that night has been leaked. While Taylor’s wife is the one talking to the cops, you can hear him in the background warning the cops to get to the house “before I kill him.” Click here to check out the audio nabbed by TMZ!

NWA Biopic Casting Company Issues An Apology For WHAT?

After issuing a controversial casting call last week that came off slightly racist and misogynistic, the casting company for the NWA biopic “Straight Outta Compton” has issued an apology. Find out the whole story after the jump!

(Sports) Raw Video of President Obama Calling and Thanking USA’s Clint Dempsey & Tim Howard

Oh how I love our President!  Check out this raw video of the President calling Team USA captain Clint Dempsey & goalkeeper Tim Howard to congratulate them on their showing at the World Cup…

NBA: Dream Team? Take A Guess At Which Team Plans To Call Melo AND LeBron at 12:01a on July 1st?!

There’s so many possible scenarios on what can happen with Carmelo Anthony & LeBron James in free agency.  Some sound crazy, but sometimes you just never know.  There’s one specific team (that a lot of fans like) that may be trying to push for Melo AND LeBron — and they’re going to make that call the minute they are allowed to. Hit the jump for details…

Sports: Guess Which Athlete Called Lil Boosie In Jail After Winning A National Championship?!

I’m not gonna lie — I had NO idea this many people like Lil Boosie!  I really didn’t think it was such a big deal that he was released from jail — and apparently I was so wrong.  I apologize Boos. Check out which athlete called Boosie in jail after winning a national championship…

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