(Video) Rick Ross – Idols Become Rivals

Earlier this year Rick Ross took several shots at Cash Money CEO, Birdman, on his song “Idols Become Rivals”. The Maybach Music headman recently decided to revisit the song and launched it’s official visual.

(Photo) Birdman Finds Thousands of Cash Money Songs In The Stash, Promises 500 Releases This Year

Birdman went into his stash today, and found what he says is thousands of unreleased Cash Money songs from over the years. While he and Lil Wayne are still not on the same page, Stunna likely owns the rights to all of these songs, so we will get to hear a lot of them in the near future! In an Instagram post, the Cash Money CEO promised to release 500 of the newly-unearthed songs this year. That’s quite an ambitious goal, but it’s not impossible! Birdman also shared the photos of Nicki, Wayne and Drake from yesterday, so it looks like he wants to get back on the same page. If only he can get this money thing situated!

Birdman Is Putting Together A Cash Money Reunion Tour, But…

Photo Credit: YouTube What’s a Cash Money without Lil Wayne? Not much of anything, but Birdman is still going to attempt to put together a reunion tour anyway. TMZ reports that Birdman is putting together a reunion tour that will include Juvenile, Mannie Fresh, Turk and some of the artists he’s signed recently (likely Jacquees, Trev Rich, etc.) He’s looking to kick it off in February, and the goal is to out-do Diddy’s Bad Boy reunion tour from this year. It’s the 20th anniversary of Cash Money so Birdman wants to do it big, but how big can it be without Wayne!

(Video) Uh…Okay? Lil Wayne Says “F*ck Cash Money In The A$$”

Yesterday made exactly two years since Lil Wayne took to Twitter to reveal a rift with Birdman and Cash Money, and not much has changed since then. In fact, it’s only gotten worse, and Wayne continues to make his disdain for his former label home known. During a show at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse last month, Tune once again cursed out Cash Money, but this time, he added a little twist:

“You have been motherf*ckin’ amazing. My name is Tunechi. I’m here on behalf of Young Mula motherf*ckin’ baby. F*ck Cash Money in they ass. Holler back.”

Well okay then! Check out the footage below.

Birdman Calls All Settlement Talks With Lil Wayne OFF

During a show last weekend, Lil Wayne changed the lyrics on his 2008 song “I’m Me” from “I’m a motherf**kin’ Cash Money millionaire” to “I’m a motherf**kin’ Roc-A-Fella millionaire,” continuing to distance himself from Birdman and Cash Money. Apparently this has pissed Birdman off so much, he’s now called off any talks of a settlement of Wayne’s 2014 $51 million lawsuit.

(Photo) NBA: Birdman/Cash Money Makes Damian Lillard Take Lil Wayne Off Song on His Album

Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard aka Dame D.O.L.L.A released his first album The Letter O on Apple Music and Spotify.  Among the featured artists on the album was Lil Wayne on the song “Loyal to the Soil.”  As you may already know, there’s been issues between Lil Wayne and his label Cash Money, which is run by Birdman.  Weezy said Birdman owes him millions and he no longer wants to work with the man whom he previously had a father/son relationship with.  Despite Lillard and Wayne coming to an agreement on the song, Lillard announced that he was forced to remove Weezy off the album due to orders from Wayne’s parent label.

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