(Check The Pic) Is This A Man’s Greatest Job Ever???

This May not be the Best paying Job, But Ohh the satisfaction that comes with it, Hmmmm, I do wonder what it pays, I need a good part time job 🙂 +TatWZA

(Video) Tech Talk App: Catalog App That Makes You Want To “Check The Pic”

Alrighty, I’ve posted on Catalog Apps before, But this is the type of app that both Women and Men will have a use for, Women for the shopping, and Men just to be the dirty dogs they are!! Hit the Jump to see the ‘Goods’! +TatWZA

(Fellas Check The NSFW Pic) Nudity In Public As Art

As I was trolling the internet, and caught this loose from Twitpic account, but it’s quite interesting, looks like Times Square, but you tell me, Hit the Jump!! WZA on Google+

Hot Or Not: Would You Be A ‘Check The Pic’ For Halloween???

I made a trip to ‘SpookyTown’ And wanted to give you some costume idea’s!!! Or See if these are Even worth your Time, So Hit the Jump Let us Know if this is Hot Or Not??? WZA on Google+

(Check The NSFW Pics) @AshleyLoganAL Doing What She Does Best

Usually @DjTech4 Does these Posts UP!!! BUT, Since I Specifically Asked Ash for Some Pics(With @RealDjKaySlay‘s Permission) and she shot them Over, So I wanted her to Know I was Taking Care of her, and Not just Passing Her Off(cause I wouldn’t!!!) 😉 Hit The Jump For what you Need!!!!! WZA on Google+

(Check The Pic!) See How Girls At Comic Con NYC 2011 Let It Hang Out!!!!

I heard a report on the Radio(Not The Normal Station) about how There were Way More Women at the NYC Comic Con 2011, than Previous years, and I have to say that’s Correct, They also said The Women weren’t Dressed as Nerdy as the Guys, Well That’s kinda true Too, The Young Lady after the Jump Was Dressed Up, but YOu have to How She’s ‘Hanging’!!!! WZA on Google+

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