(Photo) Rhymefest Will Be Turning Kanye West’s Childhood Home Into A Donda’s House Location

Rhymefest has took to Instagram to announce that he has bought Kanye West’s home that he lived in in Chicago. Rhymefest is the Creative Director of Kanye West’s Donda’s House program. This home will be the new location.

(Photo) Joey Bada$$ Speaks On A Personal Story That Impacted Him A Lot As A Child

Joey Bada$$ takes to Facebook to speak on a devastating story from his childhood. Joey speaks on his parents splitting when he was only five years old and how it had a huge impact on him.

Man Gets Bionic Penis After Childhood Tragedy

You can only imagine the challenging life of Mohammad Abad. This man’s penis was detached from a horrible accident, and he now has a new lease on life. Read more for further details.

(Video) Skeme Talks His Father Influencing Him To Be A Rapper

West Coast native Skeme has taken to his latest interview with HipHopDx to discuss the current state of West Coast rap, expressing that he feels the latest burst of energy coming from the coast feels like a new ‘renaissance’. Skeme also went into explaining his relationship with Top Dawg Entertainment, his up bringing including his father’s influence in his rap career. Check out the full interview below.

Logic Opens Up About His Childhood, Mother’s Racist Abuse, Father’s Drug Addiction And More

The DMV repper Logic, has taken to his latest interview with Complex to unveil the true Logic behind his music. Logic detailed his childhood experiences, including being overlooked and mistreated at times by his mother, his fathers drug addiction and more.

Ready For The ‘Goosebumps’ Movie?!

Do you remember the Goosebumps books by R.L. Stine? Then it was adapted into a television series on FOX family? Get ready to relive your childhood as Sony has moved up the movies release date.

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